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Make These Gorgeous Decoupage Easter Eggs

What you require:

*Foam Board


*A Dozen Large, White Eggs

A Cup/Bowl


*Mod Podge


*Cocktail Napkins


Place a pin on the “pointed” end of the egg, then delicately pound in with a thick, level article.

Flip over, then rehash. Utilize the pin to tenderly extend the opening. This is the place the substance of the egg will turn out.

Flip the egg, position over the container/bowl and blow into the top opening. The fluid ought to begin turning out the flip side. On the off chance that the yolk obstructs opening, take the pin or a toothpick and pop the yolk inside the shell. you might likewise broaden the top/base opening somewhat to offer it some assistance with flowing better.

Once purged, run water through the openings and blow the water out when clean.

Discover a napkin outline of your decision. removed the part of the outline you’d like on the egg. Peel the printed layer off.

Brush the egg with Mod Podge (PVA fills in also). Deliberately put the cut out outline where you need it to go. Brush another layer of paste on top to seal it. Let dry for no less than 5 minutes on the pin board!


Decoupage Easter EggsSee full written instructions here:

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