Look Over The Perfectly Timed Pictures! The Last One Is Hilarious!


Such a disaster!


How did this happen? The man on the left is going to get hit by the tire. This head hit will make him go through the “circle” of life.

Such big hands!


Whose hands are those? Sometimes it’s difficult to interpret the image properly!

Life is full of thorns in a way!


Hugging the thorns is not a bad idea. Same goes with life. Interpret and then take the action!



It’s kind of funny because there’s a joker in the photo. Lame sh*t. Bear with me.

Momma, I’m grown up!


The greatest thing about my leg is that it’s waxed! But the heels are just pain in the feet!

Unusual body shape!


Elephantiasis didn’t like it’s spot so it got shifted upwards! It should be called an arbitrary body. Fat is rude!

No one is above me!


Mother: We are the biggest animal on the planet earth. Our ancestors were hit by the meteors and nothing makes sense in this life,



Another dog: Dude, how did you do it? Charizard dog: That dumb owner made me eat some hot chilly!

So, you’re a filthy citizen?


So, what are you doing with a gun? To protect me from the insane children roaming around in America.

Let’s change its location!


Let’s keep the Eiffel tower every year in every other country. That will take 132 years to come back to Paris again!

I will also become part of you!


We should applaud the photographer for this wonderful picture! Well, I don’t who’s the photographer.

Where’s the face?


My foot looks better than your face. Haha, savage. I hope you at least like this one!

We can do stuff like human beings!


This photograph was clicked by Robert Hanz, a national geographic photographer!

First man!


First man on the earth who stepped his leg on the earth while being on the earth!

Fart blast!


This was six years ago. Sadly, that was the most entertaining part of the Saints’ season so far.

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