Look Over The Most Awkward Childhood Photos Hovering On The Reddit!


Childhood was crazy and deluged us with lot of fun. To be honest, today’s children don’t go out to discover things unless kid’s parent don’t have enough money to buy fun devices. Well, let’s look over some funny awkward childhood photos on the Internet

Pika Pika!


The guy in the picture is 16 or 17. But the pokemon guy looks like he will be 30 next year. He was aging exceptionally then the teenage world.

How’s that possible?


The Reddit user who uploaded the photo wrote, “I promise not much has changed. Just less metal in the face and an extra kid joined us at some point”

It looks so natural!


Whoever photoshopped him did a fantastic job. To be honest, he looks like a Bob Ross. 99% confirmed!

That looks, “Eww”


His hair says that he is a rebel and I just do what I want. But his T-shirt says, “I’m momma’s boy”

She looks like she has been bullied a lot!


And to release all the tension she keeps lollipop which resembles a cigarette, Well, it looks like a candid saying, “No f**ks given”

Forced smile!


This photo looks like the kid is in intense pain or waiting to get the photo shoot over as he got constipation or someone has hit him in the balls



It looks like you couldn’t decide if you wanted to do something crazy or keep it normal so you just did both.

Terrified by what?


This looks like a first attempt at smiling from a person whose only information about smiling is from descriptions they’ve read in books and also looks like Sheldon Cooper smiling insincerely.

Everything is loose in this picture!


Inbuilt suspenders in sweat pants. This is something new for me. What’s the scene with the elder one? Did someone snatch his lollipop?

How delightful!


It’s like a cool Teddy bear. Charmander can give you good sleep buy hugging him. Books will stress up your mind!

What did she saw?


Making fun of baby pictures is sad but I’m keeping this one! Baby: I want to smile but…Mom interrupts, Smile, please!

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