‘Little People Big World’ Star Already Planning For Baby #2!


Not long ago the couple welcomed their first baby!


It was one of the most amazing moment for the couple and their thousands of fans as they welcomed their first baby. The excited couple said “She’s absolutely beautiful … a face that draws you in. What a miraculous experience.”

They updated their fans about their baby!


She revealed in the caption, “She also says; bye-bye, hiiiiiiiii, Dada, book, and this morning said, “Mommm-uhh” for the first time!!!! 💪🏻 I can’t believe I’ll only be taking this photo one more time!! Next month you are ONE baby girl 😭 WE LOVE YOU.”

They were so happy to announce Ember was 1 year old already!


She wrote, “I cannot believe Ember is already ONE (in a couple days) and I am just now finally getting around to sharing her birth story. WOW! It has taken me an entire year to finish it.” But pregnancy was not easy for Audrey, is she really ready for baby #2??

Audrey had some real trouble with her 1st pregnancy!


Audrey had a really painful pregnancy as she was already 10 days past her due date, she was willing to wait and endure until the right moment. She revealed how painful her birth was, she was allowed to labor in a tub with water in it at the hospital where she “threw up profusely for an hour or so. I just basically ejected everything I had consumed the day before.”

Is she really planning for baby #2?


The pain during pregnancy was unbearable for her, she wrote, “I remember desperately longing for a break and hoping that I was nearing the end because I wasn’t sure I could go on at this intensity much longer….Jeremy later told me that it was at this point that I looked like I was trying to crawl out of my body.”

Audrey showing signs of a baby fever??


Audrey recently shared a repost story about her friend who recently had a baby too. She shared the story of her friends baby indicating that she might have a baby fever and she wants more babies for her family!

Audrey was suffering even after her pregnancy, will she go through another one!?


She previously revealed, “I got mastitis five days after she was born. Mastitis is when the breast tissue is infected. I wouldn’t say that I got to enjoy being a mom those first few weeks. I was in lots of pain. There were swelling and inflammation. And then I also had issues with just like blistering and bruising. It was just not good.”

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