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Life Struggles Of Girls Hilariously Summed Up By The Illustrator!

Being a girl is very difficult. As going through the periods always makes you sulky once in month! Akshara Ashok an illustrator has summed the girl problems hilariously! Scroll down to look over the hilarious and brutal truths faced by girls…

Actually everyone’ struggles!


It’s so accurate, we have been inclined towards the technology that we don’t entertain closed ones!



I can’t tell the world my real feelings and real me. So I enjoy myself inside!

Expectation V/s Reality!


Majority of the girls would be like, ”that´s me. I mean the short fingernails.”[i’m short]

To be honest!


I can’t sleep straight facing towards the ceiling! The above one is the most comfortable one!

What do you feel to do?


I found the laptop logo hilarious! For many of the girls, it would be right before the period, like now. If you don’t struggle with PMS good for you, but this is real for many of us.

I prefer sleeping, do you?


Whole week you work like a donkey and then someone asks for the weekend plans!

The left one is uncomfortable!


Girls are like, is it good if I don’t any of the things which are on left? It’s totally normal!

Side view!


Fat is escaping the falls of the jeans[by the way if you don’t get offended, it’s okay]

Commercials fool us!


In every commercial, I saw the legs are already smooth, and mine after winter look like my brothers’ (thick black gorilla fur)

That’s so true!!!


The struggle is real hard! I think this is most probably universal, no matter the gender?

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