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Kris Jenner Makes Tristan Sign A Contract After Caught Cheating

A lot is going on between the Kardashians and Tristan. After the cheating scandal, Tristan is still not forgiven by Khloe for whatever he has done. Khloe has been staying in Cleveland with her newborn baby and is waiting for the doctor’s confirmation to travel. It’s been really difficult for Khloe to handle this stress while she was giving birth to her baby. She allowed Tristan to be present in the delivery room so that she doesn’t spoil the relation between daddy and daughter. Continue reading to know what contract did Tristan sign.

Cheating Evidence


Recordings of the NBA star clearly making out and heading into inns with a few ladies developed online a week ago – days before he and Khloe Kardashian’s little girl True was born.

Tristan Staying In A Hotel


After the cheating scandal, Tristan has been asking for forgiveness to Khloe and trying his best to get her back. He has been staying in a hotel and was seen recently leaving the same in Cleveland.

Tristan’s Net Worth


As per the Celebrity Net Worth site, the Cleveland Cavaliers player has total assets of US$20 million and a yearly pay of US$15 million.

Tristan Facing Consequences


Just like Khloe has been facing problems with the cheating scandal, Tristan has been facing the same. Tristan is likewise said to endure the results of those conning provides details regarding the basketball court, as well. Click next to read more about what Tristan is facing currently.

Booed While Playing


In his first game since the stories broke, he was audibly booed when he fell off the seat in recordings shared on the web. At that point, the Cavaliers played the Indiana Pacers on April 18 (nearby time) and he was compelled to sit on the seat for the whole game.

No Comment On Cheating Scandal Yet


Neither Tristan nor the Kardashian family has remarked on the cheating scandal publically yet, yet it’s relied upon to be shrouded in actuality TV indicate Keeping Up with the Kardashians.

Kris Knows How To Handle The Situation


Kris Jenner has been with Khloe along with all her daughter to help out and to make sure Khloe is okay during her pregnancy, “Kris has experienced everything with her young ladies, and now, she knows precisely how to take control, regardless of the circumstance,” Click next to read more about how Krish Jenner has been handling the situation.

Signing A Contract


The Kardashian family female authority, Kris Jenner, has apparently forced Tristan Thompson to sign an agreement that will see him hack up US$10 million each time he’s discovered cheating later on.

Payback For The Family


Obviously, Kris trusts the agreement will prevent him from future awful behavior, however in the event that if it doesn’t, she’ll ensure there’s a payday for her family.

Assurance of Being True


Kris made Tristan sign US$10 million into a trust for True, however, added a condition expecting him to include an extra US$10 million “any time he’s caught cheating from here on out”

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