Khloe Kardashian Can’t Think Of Getting Pregnant Again!?


Khloe Pregnant with the first baby!


Khloe Kardashian confirmed that she is pregnant with her baby with the basketball player Tristan Thompson who she has been dating since 2016. The Kardashians sisters were overwhelmed by the baby news. And the Kourtney had already bought the baby stroller before the due date.

 The Cutie Baby True Thompson!


The sunshine was conceived on the April 2018. When the Kardashian posted the picture of the triplet cousins. The disgusting comments were showering on the cute baby. “I hate that True is so dark, the other two are a nice mix,” read one awful comment. “True is so ugly… don’t at me!” said narrow-minded user.

Tristan dark cheating scandal!


Tristan was caught cheating for innumerable times. He was seen with many women, allegedly including the Instagram model Lani Blair. But fans are turning on the Khole as she has been forgiving the baby daddy again and again.

Teammates think that Tristan is crazy!


Tristan’s NBA teammates are not so enthralled about the Khole’s and Tristan dating. Everybody knows about the Kardashian curse and the players think that the curse is affecting the NBA star.” Tristain’s teammates think he’s crazy for staying with Khole”, a source close to the Tristain said.

Khole will never “Fully Forgive” Tristan!


But Khole finally took an action against he baby daddy by going to the Cleaveland with her adorable baby bump without his man. Tristan has apologized for the cheating many times but the Khloe took the decision to be away from for some time. “If she isn’t able to forgive him fully then he kind of wishes she would just say that, the sources said.

Tristan not fond of his baby name!


The baby was just 5 days old and the sources found that the Tristan is not too fond of the True baby name.”He’s not about to [fight] with Khloé over what to name their daughter. He’s just really happy that Khloé and the baby are happy, healthy, and all smiles.”, an insider revealed.

Khloe terrified of getting pregnant again!


Khole is waiting to get pregnant with the baby #2 with Tristan. But she’s waiting for the NBA star season to get over. “Khloé would love to have another baby right away, but she’s really terrified of being pregnant during the NBA season,”, a source said. I think she can’t go through the backlashes she had to feel when she was pregnant with True.

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