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Khloe Fires Back At Kim And Kris To Defend Tristan, Family Breaking Apart!?

The Kardashian family is one of the most famous celebrity families in the entertainment industry. They started their famous show ‘Keeping up with the Kardashians’ as a family and people loved them. The Kardashian sisters are always supportive of each other, their unity is what makes them strong and confident. But, it has been reported that the family might be breaking apart, as Khloe fires at Kim and Kris to defend cheating Tristan, read the article to know more…

Khloe has been dealing with a lot of stress!


Khloe was really happy to welcome her daughter last month, but her happiness didn’t last for long as she soon put under questions about why is she still with Tristan, after what he did to you?

The Kardashians have always had a strong bond!


The Kardashian sisters share a very strong bond, they have always been there for each other in times of need. The elder most sister Kim and their mother Kris have always made sure their family sticks together, but now they might be falling apart for a shocking reason!

Khloe took the most unexpected decision to give Tristan another chance to improve!


Khloe didn’t want to destroy her baby girls life amidst all the drama and controversy, so she decided to give Tristan another chance and Tristan did his best to gain her trust back and soon everything came back to normal. But many people disagreed with Khloe’s decision, including her family!

Now Khloe fights back at her own family!?


Khloe is in some really big confusion here, she doesn’t know if she is doing the right thing. But when her family steps in to help her, advise her, she fires back at them? Find out what she did on Next Page…

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