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Kendall Breaks Up With Ben For Someone New! Find Out Who?

The Kardashian sisters have had numerous breakups in their lives, apart from Kendall all of the Kardashian sisters are pregnant and have their own partners. She is the only one does not have a permanent relationship yet. Kendall was recently in the news for dating many well-known names at once. Now, she has recently announced her break up for a new guy, find out who?

Kendall has a thing for basketball players!


Kendall Jenner previously dated NBA star Blake Griffin and then she went on dating another NBA star, Ben Simmons. Looks like Kendall has a thing for the NBA players, but who is she dating now?

Kendall and Ben had been doing really great!


They have been meeting each other on several occasions now, the “Pair was spotted on a lunch date at the Beverly Hills Hotel. And a third source said that Kendall, and Ben Simmons, were also seen last week in Manhattan with a group of friends at the clubby Bowery restaurant Vandal.”

Kendall and Ben were rumored to have recently moved in together!


It has been reported that the two celebrities Kendall and Ben have been frequently spotted together coming and going from the same house in Los Angeles. It was also reported that the house they visited frequently was taken on a lease as it has been assumed that Kendall’s house is under renovation and she rented it. Many people believe they have moved in together as they frequently hang out with each other!

Many suggest that Kendall is really interested in Ben, is she really!?


An insider source revealed that “Security measures seemed to have been taken to ensure Kendall and Ben enjoyed their night hassle-free,” said a witness. “They were smiling the night away with their friends.”

But Kendall didn’t seem serious about dating Ben!


Kendall was caught making out with Anwar Hadid, fans are now super confused about who exactly is Kendall dating, is it Ben or Anwar!? Or  a completely new guy?

Is there a new guy in her life?


Kendall seems to be really active with her dating profile, till now she has never been too serious with any of the guys she has dated or made out with. But now it has been confirmed she is with someone new, who is he?

Kendall’s new guy is…


It has been reported that amidst her romance with the NBA star Ben Simmons and Anwar, it seems that she broken up with both the men. She is said to be on a romantic getaway with ex Harry Styles in Idaho.

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