Kejriwal’s Parody Account Just Tweeted To Ola And Spicejet Seeking Help And What Happened Next Is Just AMAZING!

Aam Aadmi Party chief Arvind Kejriwal kicked up a storm yesterday with his 9 minute video that he posted on social media. In the video Kejriwal is seen ranting about how the Centre and especially PM Modi is conspiring against him and his party. He alleged that the Delhi Police are arresting his ‘innocent’ MLAs on directions of the PM. This isn’t unusual of Kejriwal but it got ugly when he went on and said that the PM might even get him killed. Touted to be a publicity stunt, this act of Kejriwal has earned him a lot of flak and he became the butt of jokes once again.

Twitter has been flooding with memes and hilarious tweets after this incident and people are having a jolly time trolling the Delhi CM. But Kejriwal’s arch-nemesis, aka his parody account@TrollKejri just took the trolling game a whole notch higher. @TrollKejri sent out tweets to Twitter handles of various corporations seeking help. He tweeted to Ola Cabs and also Spicejet, but what happened next is just insane. Watch how Twitter trolling turned into a whole new ball game today.

TrollKejri’s tweet to Ola led to a legendary Twitter convo!


Ola promptly responded to TrollKejri’s call for help. But what happened next is just too hilarious!


TrollKejri just won the internet but Ola joined the gag too and that is when this convo became legendary!


This act of TrollKejri took Twitter by surprise but we are sure everyone was pretty amused. The fact that Ola itself joined his shenanigans proves the fact that this stuff was in fact legendary. After this epic encounter with Ola, TrollKejri also sought help from airline Spicejet. He tweeted out to their handle seeking help again.

TrollKejri seeks help from Spicejet now!


Spicejet responded promptly too. See what happened next!


Yet another epic gag by TrollKejri!

With such awesome creativity and sense of humour, we have no qualms in crowning him the ‘King of Trolls’!

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