Kailyn Lowry Slammed For Clipping Her Dog’s Ears, Twitter Is Divided On Opinions

In a recent post from Kailyn Lowry, she has showed off her dog which had the twitter divided in opinions. A lot of people have condemned the act of mutilating Karma’s ears…

Kailyn Lowry Gets A New Dog


Kailyn Lowry has shown her love for dogs prominently for a long time. That brings us to the recent post of Kailyn where she is showing off her new dog. The dog’s ears are seen to be mutilated in the picture.

Meet The New Addition to Kailyn’s Family


This was posted on the Instagram story by Kailyn to announce the new addition in her family. This is Karma the dog who has stirred the controversy on twitter regarding its ears. Karma is said to be a female dog.

Karma Has Her Ears Clipped


This image again was posted on twitter which ended up as the trigger that raged the audience about the mutilation of the Karma’s ears

Twitter Did Not Go Easy On The Replies To The Announcement


The twitter went raging on the clipped ears where people vented out their disappointment without checking the facts regarding the mutilation of ears.

People Are Furious At Kailyn


People even after checking the facts did not decide to support her decision calling it to be made as an illegal thing.

Few Twitterati Came To Support The Decision


This was the other half of the divided Twitter audience who came in to support by giving in the facts as evidence to support the decision of ear clipping. They have mentioned it to be a normal practice amongst the breed owners and is customary to do so for the good health of the dog.

Kailyn Is Very Happy With The New Dogs Addition In Family


Kailyn Lowry after having a terrible week with David Eason’s comments and being in sorrow for putting down her old dog decided to get a new puppy in the family. She has not commented on the part of clipped ears allegations done by the fans will have to wait and see if she really did it herself or not.

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