JWoww Shares Heartbreaking Update About Her Son!


Jenni is really worried about her son Greyson!


Who knew that Jenni would be such an amazing mother with such beautiful kids, but her life as a parent is not that great. The mother of 2 kids recently revealed that her 2-year-old son Greyson was still not able to speak at all, unlike all the other kids of his age!

Jenni is doing everything she can to help her son!


Jenni has been taking help of doctors and various other therapy’s to help her son cope up with the other kids of his age. She recently revealed, “I don’t sleep at night because I’m googling like a maniac everything and anything that is going to help Greyson.”

Jenni recently shared an update about her son’s progress!


Fans were getting really curious to know how was her son doing, Jenni explained she couldn’t give regular updates on her son, “One of the biggest reasons was because Greyson wasn’t hitting his milestones the way other kids were supposed to. Another reason was that he wasn’t and still isn’t understanding a lot of words.”

Jenni felt that people would start judging her and her son’s condition!


Jenni explained, “I didn’t want you guys to see on Jersey Shore, ‘Oh, her son is in early intervention.’ He is speech delayed. We just want the best for our kids. It’s going to be okay, regardless of the situation.”

She soon realized sharing her problems is a good thing to do!


She shared on her latest YouTube vlog, “I think sharing stories and educating each other is the best way to break the stigma when it comes to your child hitting developmental parts and on the chart.”

Jenni is trying to keep things positive!


Jenni knows no matter what happens, she has to stay positive about his condition, she explained, “I don’t know if I would even call it a struggle because Greyson is still perfect to me. But it’s something as a mom and a parent I’m going through and a lot of parents go through,”

She thanked all the fans for their support!


She captioned the video on Instagram saying, “Thank you all for the outpouring of love and support I received after I shared my story with Greyson. I created this video to keep you guys updated on my efforts with bubby, as well as start conversations, share stories, and educate one another to break the stigma on developmental delays in children.”

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