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Justin Bieber Reacts To Selena’s ‘Taking Time Out’: Here’s What He Said

Recently Selena was spotted in Texas having a family time and trying to sort things up. However, Justin has not spotted anywhere does this mean Justin is hurt by Selena’s decision? While all the fans were shocked with Selena’s recent decision of Taking Time Out to chill and that she assured that she isn’t breaking up with Justin and has committed to getting back together with him. However, there will be no relief for the fans until they receive any comments from Justin. It seems he has finally decided to voice his opinion on her decision read more to know what he said.

Distance Does Matter


Talking about distance in a relationship, it can be a blessing in disguise for some who can be happy being far apart for their own good. Just like Selena and Justin.

Still In Love


There have been so many reports about these two taking some time apart. Selena wants to sort some things in her head. Though they are taking some time apart, they are still in love.

Justin Okay With Selena Taking Time


Selena really needs her time to sort things out in her life. Justin, on the other hand, is cool with what Selena wants. Taking some time out of their relationship seems the right thing to Justin.

Both In For A Long Run


After Reuniting, Justin and Selena have been really close to each other and this time it’s for a long run. Avoiding these small things and giving each other enough space as and when required is their decision.  Click next to know more about their relationship.

Much More Mature Relationship


This time it’s really very serious for both of them. A much more mature and grown-up relationship this time. Not arguing about things which happened in the past.

Working On Trust Issues


The main thing which you need in a realtionship is trust and these two are really working on their trust issues, that’s been helping a lot.

Selena And Justin Still In Contact


After the rumors fans were really upset about their breakup. But now we know that their break is not serious and apparently they are still in contact. Click next to know what views Selena’s mom have for Justin.

Visiting Church Service


Just after their split, Jelena was seen leaving their usual church service. Though they left separately but were there together. The fact that they were there together tells us they’ll be just fine.

Selena’s Relationship With Mother


Selena taking her own time was seen in Texas, where her family lives. This gives us a hint that she’s working things out with her mother.

Selena’s Mom Not A Big Fan Of Justin


Things were different between Selena and her mother before Justin came back in her life. It’s clear that Mandy isn’t a big fan of Justin so this break is definitely good for something.

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