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Jersey Shore’s Ronnie’s Baby Mama Accused Of Being A “Exotic Entertainer!?

The Jersey Shore has never failed to deliver the best and most controversial dramas in the reality tv industry. It’s not even a month since the show started and the show is already creating fiery controversial storylines. Recently the Jersey Shore star Ronnie was caught cheating on his pregnant girlfriend and not now the pregnant girlfriend Jennifer is being accused of being a stripper by her ex-husband, read the article to know more…

Another hot drama brewing up on the sets of Jersey Shore.


The Jersey Shore Family Vacation is really heating up the internet with its constant spicy drama. Fans are really excited as the stars of the show are already making the headlines with controversies.

Ronnie and his baby mama!


Ronnie and Jen Harley are famously known couple from the Jersey Shore show, Jen is also Ronnie ‘s longtime girlfriend and recently became his baby mama. They are currently the only couple making the headlines for the show…

The couple recently welcomed their baby!


The star couple from the Jersey Shore announced they are pregnant in December 2017, she was already six months pregnant back then, the couple recently welcomed their baby on the 4th of April, 2018.

Jennifer has a much disturbing past than we know…


The reality tv star Ronnie is no saint, but his baby mama has a much darker past than he could ever imagine. Some really shocking secrets about Jen has been revealed by her ex-husband, find out what they are on Next Page…

Ronnie was recently caught cheating on Jen.


On Thursday’s episode of Jersey Shore Family Vacation, Ronnie was caught coming back home from clubbing and with him, he got another girl while his pregnant wife Jen was in Las Vegas! When one of the cast members Jenni “JWoww” Farley got her friends at home, she introduced her friends to all the cast members and especially to Pauly D as he was the only single guy in the house.

It was a shock for the cast members and Ronnie’s girlfriend Jen!


Vinny explained, “Ronnie is full tilt right now — he’s a wrecking ball, if he gets any closer to this girl, he’s about to have a second baby mama.” Pauly then explained, “There’s something in the water here in Florida that makes Ronnie’s decision-making go south, this is a recipe for disaster.”

Jen had a much bigger secret that could destroy her relationship with Ronnie!


Both Jen and the fans were devastated to know that Ronnie almost cheated on her while she was pregnant in Las Vegas. but Jen had a much bigger secret, find out what it is on Next Page…

Jennifer Harley‘s ex-husband claimed she was a Sin City stripper.


During the divorce between Jen and ex-Joshua, papers filed by Joshua at Clark County, Nevada, in 2011 says that she was an “exotic entertainer” at a high-end strip joint Spearmint Rhino. They lived a wealthy life on what Jen earned, she had almost 70,000$ in cash in her safe.

Jen and Joshua were married in 2009.


According to Joshua’s statement, Jen spent a lot on her own maintenance, she spent around $1500-a-month for “upkeep,” including her “nails, tanning and hair” and $5000 for occasional shopping every month!

Joshua claims Jen was pregnant at the time of their divorce!


He revealed she was pregnant at the time of divorce, “presumably with her paramour’s child, a wealthy businessman.” While Joshua was “muddling through,” his financial situation. Jen even took all the valuables when she left Joshua and he was at a very difficult place after she left, financially!

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