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Jersey Shore Star Vinny Was Caught Cheating By His Girlfriend!

Things have been really spicing up at the Jersey Shore Family Vacation show, with an amazing start this year the show is on a role to provide the best and the most controversial stories. Cheating scandal is a very commonly seen phenomenon at the Jersey Shore house, like Ronnie many stars have been caught cheating in the past. Now, it has been reported that another Jersey Shore star Vinny has been caught cheating by his girlfriend, read the article to know more…

The show is full of surprises…


The Jersy Shore Family Vacation has had a great start this year, with Ronnie heading out in the spotlight with his cheating scandal. One would think after Ronnie was caught cheating, which put him in such deep trouble, no one else would dare to cheat on their partners again.

Ronnie’s one mistake almost destroyed his life!


Ronnie was caught cheating by his own co-stars, just one big mistake almost destroyed his relationship with Jen and almost lost the chance to see his daughter again. Ronnie faced a lot of public humiliation too after cheating on Jen.

Ronnie’s mistake was a learning lesson for others!


Apart from Pauly D, everyone somewhat has a partner, Ronnie’s mistake was a learning lesson for the other guys to never cheat on their partner or they might just land in big trouble!

Another Jersey Shore star was caught cheating!


Amidst all the cheating drama, another Jersey Shore star Vinny was caught cheating by his girlfriend and things got ugly after that. You won’t believe what Vinny did, read on Next Page…

This started to go wrong for Vinny when Jen arrived at the Jersey Shore house!


Jen finally arrives at the Jersey Shore house in Miami, Ronnie was super nervous to welcome his pregnant girlfriend. All the co-stars were feeling pretty awkward when she entered the house.

The entire cast and Jen then went to a strip club to party!


Everyone then goes to one of the strip clubs in Miami to a party, at the strip club, Jen was shocked to see them party so hard! Jen and the cast members had the best time at the strip club!

The strip club was a bad idea for Vinny…


After an amazing night with the strippers, Vinny and Pauly D decided to go clubbing again the next day. That’s when Vinny lost it and made his big mistake, find out what he did on Next Page…

Vinny was down with a bottle of liquor and a girl with “a big, fat booty,” caught his attention!


Vinny just couldn’t resist the big booty, he said, he’s “a victim of evolution.” Later he put a drink on the woman’s butt and watched her twerk, and then Vinny turned his sights to the bottle-service girls.

Vinny forgot he had a girlfriend back home!


Vinny then put his arm around one of the girls and started talking to them, he blammed one of the girls saying they got him  “f-cked up.” She then asked, “Are you married or anything?” Vin said, “No.” Vinny was completely drunk and out of his mind, he later told the girl, “You gotta keep hanging out with us,” he told her. “What is your number?”

Vinny even asked for her phone number! Like WTF!


Mike revealed, “Everyone’s having a good time, they’re all drinking, there are girls around, I’m thinking to myself, like, my boy Vinny needs to be careful, because when you’re partying a little too hard, the next thing you know, you forget — ‘Do I have a girl?’” Mike then dragged Vinny away “before he made a Ronnie-level mistake.”

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