Jersey Shore Star Reveals Amazing Baby #3 News!


The Jersey Shore house is already blessed with 2 moms!


The show returned after many years and the fans were happy to know that almost all of the stars have now matured into good celebrities, two of them Snooki and JWoww were already married and had babies while Deena was next in line!

Deena recently joined the mommy squad!


One of the most amazing moments on the show was when Deena announced that she is expecting her first child with her husband Christopher Buckner. She revealed the big news on her IG post, “Chris and I decided to wait until we were ready to spill the beans! 💙Now that we are safely into our second trimester.. us and our little monkey are ready to tell the world Our little family is growing!”

Jenni Farley ‘JWoww’ previously revealed plans for expanding her family!


Jenni previously revealed she might want to expand her family with her husband Roger. She revealed that having another daughter might be trouble for her as she was pretty wild while growing up, they didn’t wanna risk another ‘JWoww’. Jenni revealed if they’ll expand their family, they “would look into adoption” because Roger “had a vasectomy.”

But she is not the one with the good news!


Snooki or Nicole Polizzi got married to Jionni LaValle in the year 2014, after 4 years of a happy married life Nicole or Snooki is now a mother of two beautiful kids, Giovanna Marie LaValle, Lorenzo Dominic Lavalle.

It was not easy for Snooki to comeback in the show!


Before starting her trip to Vegas with the gang, she revealed, “It was hard for me, you know, leaving the babies, obviously. But it’s such a good time to honestly go away for five days, just be yourself and not care about ‘Oh, we have to wake up at 7 a.m., make the kids lunch, go to school.’ It’s a nice getaway, but at some point I’m like, ‘All right, it’s time to go home.’ But honestly, it was such a good time.”

Snooki revealed she is trying for baby #3!


Snooki was recently interviewed about having another baby, she responded by saying, “I’m trying now. I’m practicing now. It’s going good. I’m not pregnant yet but, I mean, we’ve been practicing for a month now so…”

Fans are super excited for Snooki’s pregnancy news!


Fans are now super excited for Snooki and they are eagerly waiting for her pregnancy news. Everyone can’t wait to welcome such a good news on the Jersey Shore show!

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