Jersey Shore Pauly D Advice To All The Daddy’s!


Jersey Shore star Pauly D is known for packing up himself in the pile of controversies. But after Amabella Sophia birth he has been focusing on her daughter. Scroll down to know what Jersey Shore wants to tell all the daddy’s around the world…

Pauly D and Amanda Relationship?


The Jersey Shore hasn’t failed to entertain their fans. We all know that the Pauly D had many night stands. Among them, Amanda Markert. Well, the star may be the prankster champion but he was kind of pranked by his one night stand!

Pauly D got a surprise!


Pauly D was surprised when he found that one his nightstands with Amanda would make her pregnant. But the star wants to get her aborted. According to the sources, he paid her medical expenses but kept the bay. That’s unfair, right?

Adorable Amabella Sophia!


Amanda was posting many pictures with the baby. It was after five months, Amanda told that it’s your baby! She celebrated her first birthday in May 2014. It must have been a total shock for the daddy as now he has to face parenthood.

Jersey Shore star calls his daughter his Little Mini-Me


It’s the photo from Amanda Instagram account. She wrote, My little princess…Always follow your heart❤ First day of pre-k. The dad says, “She wants to be a DJ — I got her a DJ room. She’s scratching records already. She’s so funny. She just wants to follow me around and do every single thing that I do,” he added.

His advice to the Single Dads!


On 21st September a video was surfaced online about his journey as a Dad. He talked about many bits of advice given by his parents on the parenting. When he was asked about the single dad dating. He said that it’s important to have someone who will look over the baby. While dating and parenting can be difficult.

Pauly D gave advice to the Ronnie!


Pauly D was asked about the experience with his daughter. He said that the daughter wakes up at the 6 am and is just all over him. And when asked about the advice give advice to the Ronnie. He asked Ronnie to sleep more as with Kids you can suffer from sleep deprivation.

 Nicole “Snooki’s” quirky advice to Pauly D


What parenting advice did the Snooki give to the Pauly D? Well before the star answered he laughed a bit. She wants to hook her Son Lorenzo with his daughter. That’s a weird advice. But you can’t see anything about the future!

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