‘Jersey Shore Family Vacation’ Break Law As They Film In An Illegal Rental!?


The Jersey Shore Family Vacation is doing great when it comes to popularity!


Compared to all the reality tv shows out there ‘Jersey Shore Family Vacation’ has successfully gained much more popularity in such a short time. The controversial show has made its mark in the entertainment industry with its rising popularity.

The producers were careful enough to take calculated risks!


The Jersey Shore show is not meant for all age groups of people, the show displays violent, adult and a lot of offensive content for everyone to see, it’s mainly for the younger generations.  The show has taken many calculated risks to make this a popular show, but it seems they made one big mistake…

The show is looking for new ways to impress their fans!


The show is constantly trying different ways to get more and more drama to the show, fans obviously love drama and controversy and the show is doing its best to keep it up. But, while trying so hard to gain popularity the producers made one shocking mistake…

The show has done shooting at many different locations, but this one place got them in big trouble…


Since the beginning of the Jersey Shore show, the show has been shooting in many beachside locations. Locations like Miami and jersey shore were common places for the shooting.

The show even pulled up their wild card entry to spice up things!


With only six episodes left to go the producers have decided to take the show up a notch, they have decided to invite one of the old cast members who’s gonna lighten up the show even more.

The show had taken precautions for not letting the show go out of hand!


This reality tv show had some serious fan base, the first episode premiered in December 2009, and the final episode premiered in December 2012. The reality tv series had about 6 seasons, but their latest spin-off ‘Jersey Shore Family Vacation’ just got itself in some serious trouble…

The show is in big trouble for shooting in an illegal rental without a permit…


At the beginning of their shoot in Jan the cast members were lucky to live in a lavish mansion with 11 bathrooms and an infinity pool, in a Miami Beach villa on Pine Tree Drive. their lavish life soon came to an end when they were fined for illegally staying at the rental mansion

The mansion was a short-term rental listed on HomeAway and VRBO


It has been reported that the rentals such as this one at a place like Miami, its illegal to stay there for less than six months and a day and the main problem was that the Jersey Shore cast stayed there for about one whole month.

The franchise now needs to pay fine in huge numbers!


Miami is the only city which has very very strict rules and regulations in terms of penalty on illegal vacation rentals. The production company, Burbank-based 495 Productions, requested the permit, the City spokeswoman Tonya Daniels explains.

The show is now fined for around $20,000!


The City spokeswoman Tonya Daniels further explained, “It’s not always easy to find the illegal short-term rental address or properties. There is no 100 percent fail-proof guaranteed way for us to check if this is an illegal short-term rental.”

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