Jenelle is pregnant


Here we have a amazing news where Teen Mom Jenelle is said to be pregnant! Read the article to know more….

Happiest she can ever be…..


Earlier this July, Jenelle declared her wedding date in an Instagram post that made the fans go “Wiee!”.
Read on to the next page to know if she is really pregnant!???

Finally tied the knot

The couple tied the knot at their home in North Carolina on Saturday, and now it is said that she is pregnant? Read on next page to find out…

Fans were beyond hyped up to get every detail about Jenelle’s wedding.


The couple has been sharing more and more pictures of the ceremony with their fans, and she looks as stunning as ever. All their kids attended the wedding too.

Jenelle is one f the best moms on the show….


The beautiful mom has an amazing chemistry with her (now) husband David, also she is an amazing mother. Now she is pregnant with one more? Read on next page….

Jenelle is the mother of….


Jenelle is a mom to Jace, 8, and Kaiser, 3, and David has custody of his daughter Maryssa, 9. He also has a son, Kaden, that he’s fighting for visitation rights for.

Would Jenelle want more kids….


Jenelle amazed her fans with her amazing wedding ceremony, now does she plan for another amazing surprise? Read on next page to know the truth!

One full house!


David Eason and Jenelle welcomed Ensley just last January, is she going to be a big sister already?

A valid point!

One user wrote, “Is Jenelle pregnant or is that the wind?” to which another replied, “I’m not saying she’s pregnant but if it were the wind, wouldn’t some of her hair be blowing in the wind?”

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