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Jenelle Counts Down to Wedding in White Lace!

Here we have an amazing story where Teen Mom Jenelle counts down to wedding in white lace. Read the article to know more….

And Look who’s getting married.


Teen mom star Jenelle Evans is getting married to her fiancé David Eason, this weekend.

Love’s in the air.


Earlier this July, Jenelle declared her wedding date in an Instagram post that made the fans go “Wiee!”.
Read on to the next page to see who’s coming..

The guest list.


The star is inviting all her friends and David’s friends to the ceremony which is slated to be celebrated this weekend.

The wedding day.


Jenelle’s wedding is just 2 days away with a beautiful affair waiting for the couple in love to bond them together for life.
Keep reading to see her mom’s reaction.

“She’s been saying, she’s having her wedding.”


Upon talking to Barbara Evans, the star’s mom, she said it was really painful to not be invited to her daughter’s wedding.

And Them too!


Jenelle’s not invited her siblings Ashleigh and Colin. Other teen mom cast hasn’t been invited to the wedding either.
But there’s a surprise from David! Click on next to see what that is.

Surprise Surprise!!


The wedding’s just around the corner, and Jenelle gave a sneak-peak to the fans in this clip, that shows her stunning wedding dress. The dress is a gift from Eason to Jenelle, and looks stunning.

Save the date.


The wedding’s to happen this Saturday and @celestecall is the photographer involved.

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