IPL Highlights, KKR vs KXIP: Chris Gayle, KL Rahul Star As Kings XI Punjab Beat Kolkata Knight Riders By 9 Wickets (DLS) | Buzz It up

IPL Highlights, KKR vs KXIP: Chris Gayle, KL Rahul Star As Kings XI Punjab Beat Kolkata Knight Riders By 9 Wickets (DLS)

IPL 2018 Highlights of Kolkata Knight Riders vs Kings XI Punjab match, straight from Eden Gardens, Kolkata


20:29 IST: SIX! Gayle seals the win with a huge six off Tom Curran.

20:28 IST: Excellent over from Mavi. Just 3 runs off his over. KXIP need 5 off 12 balls.

20:27 IST: Gayle tries to play this hard against Mavi but misses it completely.

20:24 IST: Brilliant bowling from Shivam Mavi. A yorker to Gayle.

20:22 IST: Mayank Agarwal comes to the crease now.

20:21 IST: WICKET! Narine strikes, Rahul departs for 60 runs. KXIP 116/1, need 9 runs in 20 balls.

20:20 IST: FOUR! Another one from Rahul. He stays back and slashes hard towards deep backward point.

20:19 IST: FOUR! Rahul smashes Narine for a boundary towards sweeper cover.

20:18 IST: FIFTY! KL Rahul brings up his half-century with a six off Narine.

20:17 IST: Fabulous job by groundsmen.

20:16 IST: 13 runs off Chawla’s over. KXIP need 23 runs in 24 balls to win.

20:15 IST: SIX! What a start from Gayle. The Universe Boss smashes Chawla for a huge one straight down the ground. FIFTY for Gayle off 28 balls.

20:14 IST: KKR players in a huddle. Gayle and Rahul are making their way to the middle.

20:13 IST: KXIP Need 29 Off 28 Balls To Win Against KKR

20:09 IST: UPDATE:

20:03 IST: Rahul-Gayle show before the rain interrupted play.

20:01 IST: The players are warming up.

19:34 IST: Meanwhile, the other match of the day between Royal Challengers Bangalore and Delhi Daredevils all set to begin. Virat Kohli has opted to field at Chinnaswamy Stadium.

19:28 IST: Good news! The rain has stopped and the super soppers are out.

19:02 IST: KKR’s twitter handle says, “KXIP were 31 runs ahead of the DLS par score (65/0) when rain stopped play after 8.2 overs. The drizzle has turned to heavy showers right now. Cut off time for play to resume is 8:10 PM IST.”

18:45 IST: Kings XI Punjab are ahead on the DLS par score.

18:42 IST: It’s raining at Eden Gardens. Playing are leaving the field. Covers are coming on.

18:41 IST: SIX! Gayle smashes Chawla towards long on for a huge one.

18:36 IST: 13 runs off Kuldeep’s over. KXIP 86/0, need 106 more runs to win off 78 balls.

18:35 IST: SIX! Gayle picks the length and whacks the ball into long on stand. What a hot from the universe boss.

18:33 IST: FOUR! Rahul picks the length and smashes Kuldeep for a boundary.

18:33 IST: Left-arm Chinaman bowler Kuldeep Yadav comes into the attack.

18:30 IST: 6 overs gone! KXIP 73/0, need 119 off 84 balls.

18:29 IST: FOUR! Another one from Rahul. He uses the pace and sends the ball towards fine leg fence.

18:28 IST: FOUR! KL Rahul sends Piyush Chawla towards fine leg for a boundary.

18:26 IST: FOUR! Gayle leans forward and smashes Narine towards fine leg for a boundary.

18:25 IST: Sunil Narine into the attack now.

18:22 IST: Nitish Rana to bowl Russell’s last ball over the over. The West Indies’ all-rounder is off the attack due to pain.

18:19 IST: SIX! Gayle moves away from the crease and cuts the ball over third man region for another six. What a shot from the big man. 50 comes up for KXIP.

18:17 IST: SIX! Gayle welcomes Russell with a huge six over deep mid wicket.

18:16 IST: 17 runs off Mavi’s second over. KXIP 39/0 in 3 overs, need 153 more to win.

18:15 IST: SIX! Short from Mavi. Rahul picks the length and slaps the ball over deep square leg for a maximum. What a shot from the right-hander.

18:13 IST: FOUR! Gayle hits Mavi towards deep mid wicket region for another boundary. Gayle moves to 12 off 9 balls.

18:12 IST: FOUR! Gayle stands tall and sends the young Mavi towards sweeper cover for a boundary.

18:08 IST: FOUR! Gayle sends Russell towards square of the wicket for a boundary.

18:07 IST: FOUR! Rahul uses the pace, opens the face of the bat and guides Russell towards third man for a boundary.

18:06 IST: FOUR! Andre Russell to KL Rahul. The right-hander leans forward and drives the ball for a boundary. What a timing from him.

18:04 IST: 9 runs off Mavi’s over. KXIP 9/0 in 1 over.

18:02 IST: FOUR! Rahul opens the face of the bat and guides the ball towards third man for a boundary. Poor start from the young pacer Mavi.

18:01 IST: FOUR! Mavi to Rahul. The right-hander gets a thick inside edge and the ball races towards boundary.

18:00 IST: Welcome back! Chris Gayle and KL Rahul are in the middle. Shivam Mavi will open the attack for KKR.


Chris Lynn 74

Dinesh Karthik 43

Andrew Tye 2/30

17:41 IST: WICKET! Andrew Tye removes Tom Curran for 1 run. KKR 186/7 in 19.2 overs.

17:40 IST: Andrew Tye to bowl the last over of the innings.

17:39 IST: Tom Curran is the new man at the crease.

17:38 IST: WICKET! Barinder Sran removes Dinesh Karthik for 43 runs. 

17:32 IST: FOUR! Gill smashes Rajpoot towards sweeper cover for a boundary. KKR 180/5 in 18 overs.

17:29 IST: FOUR! Karthik does the same. He uses the pace, opens the face of the bat and guides Rajpoot for a boundary.

17:28 IST: FOUR! Karthik uses the pace, opens the face of the bat and guides Rajpoot for a boundary.

17:26 IST: FOUR! Shubman Gill sends Barinder Sran towards square of the wicket for a boundary.

17:24 IST: WICKET! Barinder Sran removes Andre Russell for 10 runs. Super catch from Karun Nair at the boundary ropes. KKR 159/5 in 16.5 overs.

17:23 IST: FOUR! Russell uses the pace and sends the ball towards fine leg for a boundary.

17:22 IST: FOUR! Russell hits Ashwin straight down the ground for a boundary. KKR 154/4 in 16.3 overs.

17:21 IST: 150 comes up for KKR in 16.2 overs.

17:18 IST: Andre Russell is the new man at the crease.

17:16 IST: BIG WICKET! Andrew Tye ends Chris Lynn’s stay at 74 runs. KKR 147/4 in 15.2 overs. Brilliant innings from Lynn. His innings was studded with 6 boundaries and 4 sixes.

17:13 IST: 10 runs off Ashwin’s over. The skipper finishes with the figures – 4-0-33-1

17:11 IST: Ashwin starts his fourth and last over.

17:07 IST: 9 runs off Mujeeb’s over. KKR 136/3 in 14 overs.

17:05 IST: FOUR! Karthik welcomes the Afghanistan spinner with a boundary towards fine leg.

17:04 IST: Mujeeb is back into the attack.

17:02 IST: 15 runs off Andrew Tye’s over. KKR 127/3 in 13 overs.

17:01 IST: FOUR! Lynn smashes Tye towards square of the wicket for a boundary.

17:00 IST: SIX! That’s colossal. Lynn stands tall and launches Tye towards long on.

16:57 IST: FIFTY! Chris Lynn brings up his half-century off 31 balls. 

16:56 IST: FOUR! Lynn sends Yuvraj towards long off for a boundary.

16:55 IST: FOUR! Karthik welcomes Yuvraj with a superb boundary towards third man.

16:54 IST: Yuvraj Singh comes into the attack.

16:51 IST: FOUR! Back-to-back boundaries from skipper Karthik. Ashwin isn’t happy with this.

16:49 IST: Dinesh Karthik is the new man at the crease.

16:47 IST: WICKET! KKR have gifted a wicket to KXIP. Nitish Rana is run out for 3 runs.

16:43 IST: Nitish Rana is the new man at the crease.

16:41 IST: WICKET! Ashwin gets the much-needed breakthrough, Robin Uthappa departs for 34 runs. Easy catch for Nair at the boundary. KKR 78/2 in 8.1 overs. 

16:39 IST: 23 runs off Sran’s over. KKR 78/1 in 8 overs.

16:38 IST: SIX! Lynn smashes Sran towards deep square leg for another maximum.

16:36 IST: SIX! Lynn picks the length and whacks the ball over deep mid wicket for a huge one. KKR 72/1 in 7.4 overs.

16:35 IST: FOUR! Lynn sends Sran towards sweeper cover. 

16:34 IST: SIX! Barinder starts his second over. Uthappa welcomes him with a beauty towards deep square leg. Excellent shot from the right-hander.

16:32 IST: Just 5 runs off Ashwin’s over. KKR 55/1 in 7 overs.

16:30 IST: Captain R Ashwin comes into the attack now.

16:29 IST: 50 COMES UP for KKR.

16:28 IST: FOUR! Uthappa picks the ball early and sends Tye for a boundary.

16:25 IST: Another bowling change for KXIP. Andrew Tye comes into the attack. And, he starts with a NO BALL. It will be a FREE HIT. Lynn is on the strike.

16:24 IST: 5 overs gone! KKR 42/1.

16:23 IST: Sensible bowling from Sran. He is experimenting with his length and variations.

16:22 IST: FOUR! Short ball from Sran. Lynn picks the length and pulls the ball towards fine leg for a boundary.

16:21 IST: Bowling change for KXIP. Barinder Sran comes into the attack.

16:20 IST: 15 runs off Mujeeb’s over. KKR 36/1 in 4 overs. Uthappa 18*, Lynn 15*

16:19 IST: FOUR! Third in a row for Uthappa. He sends Mujeeb towards fine leg. KKR 34/1 in 3.4 overs.

16:18 IST: FOUR! Another one from Uthappa. He uses the pace and sweeps the ball towards fine leg.

16:17 IST: FOUR! Reverse sweep from Uthappa. He sends Mujeeb towards third man.

16:15 IST: SIX! First six of the KKR innings. Lynn goes on backfoot and slaps the ball over deep square leg for a maximum. KKR 21/1 in 3 overs.

16:12 IST: FOUR! Rajpoot to Uthappa. Edged and boundary.

16:11 IST: FOUR! First boundary of KKR innings. Lynn smashes Mujeeb towards square of the wicket for a boundary.

16:10 IST: Robin Uthappa is the new man at the crease.

16:08 IST: WICKET! Mujeen Ur Rahman strikes, Sunil Narine departs for 1. What a catch by Karun Nair. KKR 6/1 in 1.3 overs.

16:08 IST: Mujeeb Ur Rahman starts from the other end.

16:06 IST: Brilliant start from Rajpoot. Just 5 runs off his first over. KKR 5/0 in 1 over.

16:03 IST: Great start from Rajpoot. Three runs off his first three balls.

16:00 IST: Sunil Narine and Chris Lynn are making their way to the middle. Ankit Rajpoot will open the attack for KXIP. Here we go….

15:58 IST: Chris Gayle is ringing the bell at the Eden Gardens.

15:34 IST: Playing XIs:

Kings XI Punjab: Lokesh Rahul (wk), Chris Gayle, Mayank Agarwal, Karun Nair, Aaron Finch, Yuvraj Singh, Ravichandran Ashwin (captain), Andrew Tye, Barinder Sran, Ankit Rajpoot, Mujeeb Ur Rahman

Kolkata Knight Riders: Sunil Narine, Chris Lynn, Robin Uthappa, Nitish Rana, Dinesh Karthik (wk/captain), Andre Russell, Shubman Gill, Tom Curran, Piyush Chawla, Shivam Mavi, Kuldeep Yadav

15:30 IST: TOSS: Kings XI Punjab captain Ravichandra Ashwin wins toss, opts to field against Kolkata Knight Riders at Eden Gardens.

15:22 IST: Hello and welcome to the Live updates from the Indian Premier League match between Kolkata Knight Riders and Kings XI Punjab at Eden Gardens.

Table-toppers Kolkata Knight Riders (KKR) and Kings XI Punjab (KXIP) will both be high on confidence after registering morale-boosting victories in their respective previous games, when they clash in an Indian Premier League (IPL) match at the Eden Gardens. While KKR got the better of Rajasthan Royals by seven wickets in Jaipur, Punjab rode Chris Gayle’s blazing hundred to stymie Sunrisers Hyderabad’s three-game unbeaten streak and coast to a 15-run victory at home. KKR had Nitish Rana — who fired with bat and ball once again — and their wrist spinners Kuldeep Yadav and Piyush Chawla to thank for the second triumph in a row. Rana took two crucial wickets of Ajinkya Rahane and D’Arcy Short when both were looking good for a big score. With the bat, KKR’s most consistent player so far remained unbeaten on 35 to see them cross the line with ease. Needless to say, Rana’s form augurs well for Dinesh Karthik’s men who also have Robin Uthappa among runs along with the captain himself. Rana, who bagged the Man-of-the-Match award for the second game in a row, now has 162 runs in five matches at 40.50, and four wickets. Backing up their batsmen, Kuldeep and Piyush kept it really tight the other day after they were handed the new ball. The pair returned combined figures of 2/41 in eight overs which is excellent in T20 cricket. KKR’s worry would be the form of dashing Australian opener Chris Lynn who lasted just two balls against Rajasthan and departed cheaply without troubling the scorers. Lynn has struggled against spin and was seen playing with a horizontal bat in only the second ball of his innings to K. Gowtham who castled him. The likes of Punjab captain R. Ashwin and 17-year old Afghanistan offie Mujeeb Ur Rahman would be licking their lips when they bowl to him and it remains to be see how the Queenslander tackles them. The other opener, Sunil Narine, has come good with his brisk cameos, but has shown susceptibility to shot-pitched deliveries, something Punjab would be aware of.

Coming to Gayle, the burly West Indian smoked 11 sixes en route his unbeaten 63-ball 104 to help his side post a challenging 193/3. Hyderabad were never in the chase and lost comprehensively in the end. This was Gayle’s second consecutive match-winning innings after his 33-ball 63 against Chennai Super Kings. Gayle’s innings was typical of him but in the manner in which he saw off Bhuvneshwar Kumar’s first spell and later unleashed a brutal assault on Rashid Khan’s legspin, underlined the reservoir of experience that came into play during the knock. Besides Gayle, Punjab bat deep with the likes of big-hitting Aaron Finch, KL Rahul, Mayank Agarwal and ageing Yuvraj Singh in their ranks. Their bowling lacks experience, especially in the pace department. Mohit Sharma went for a lot of runs against Hyderabad and will have to get his act together against KKR. Having played one match less than KKR, Punjab have so far just lost once in four outings and are placed third. The two teams have met 21 times before and KKR have a superior 14-7 head to head record.

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