A Photographer Captured Intimate Moments Between Couples in its Raw Sense & They Are Beyond Beautiful

Intimacy is the act of connecting with someone so deeply, you feel like you can see into their soul. And a Romanian Photographer Natalia Mindru beautifully proves it with her photographs for her project called ‘Iubiri urbane,’ literally, Urban Love.

Check out her amazing photos!

couple-1 couple-2 couple-3 couple-4 couple-5 couple-6 couple-7 couple-8 couple-9 couple-10 couple-11 couple-12 couple-13 couple-14 couple-15 couple-16 couple-18 couple-19 couple-20 couple-21 couple-22 couple-23 couple-24 couple-25 (1) couple-25


Aren’t they beautiful? Celebrate love!


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