#Instagram Blackout 2019 Memes Are Already Out!


In today’s world, Internet is like breathing air. If you don’t have it for more then a minute you just die! So, I have got collection of when the Internet is down memes! Scroll down to relate it!

Instagram shut down for some hours!


What’s the meaning of life now? Have you ever spent a day without being on social media?



People are spending on Twitter and Reddit. They’re the savior now! So, how’s life treating you now?

Is it?


I don’t know what happened in other countries. Some dumb people in Australia called 000(emergency service) and asked why they couldn’t connect their Facebook accounts.

Panic attacks in the world!


I’m dying at all these “influencers” having panic attacks and retreating to Twitter. Someone posted “I guess without IG you’re not a model anymore.”

No Real friends!


One of the Reddit user comment, ‘What do you mean?!?!? I’ve been panicking all day since I can’t log in! I need to get back to my thousands of followers!!! I keep thinking that people are unfollowing me because I’m not posting! This has been the hardest day all year! And it’s the only march! I actually have multiple thousands of people relying on my posts!!! This is a disaster!!!”

No job personalities in the world!


Influencers: I don’t have an account on Twitter, what if it’s down for many days? How will I tell people about my day?

True that!


Instagram models are striving to find work now. The only they can do now is to work for dental hygienists!

Meanwhile, Thanos.


How to kill the people around the world without even killing them? Thanos snap did a good work!

Donald Trump Jr tweets about Instagram!


Saw the pic and thought it was a joke about the conservatives boycotting the film until I realized who posted it. Now I’m just confused.

Many of the people did the same!


We blame our phone not social media when something is wrong on the apps! Well, I did the same thing!

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