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India vs West Indies Live Score, 2nd Test Day 3: Umesh Yadav Stars As India Need 72 Runs To Win

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Live updates between India vs West Indies, 2nd Test, Day 3, Rajiv Gandhi International Stadium, Hyderabad

16:51 IST: Missed opportunity! Howler from substitute wicket keeper Hamilton. Fails to collect the ball. Prithvi Shaw went after Bishoo but missed the flighted delivery. Halmiton fails to collect the ball. Misses the stumping opportunity twice. IND 41-0 after 8.4 overs. 

16:49 IST: Bowling change for the Windies! Devendra Bishoo comes in to replace Jason Holder. 

16:46 IST: FOUR! Full toss from Jomel Warrican and KL Rahul guides the ball to fine leg to pick up four runs. Places the ball beautifully to collect his first boundary in the second innings. India need 33 runs more to win. IND 39-0 after 7.1 overs. 

16:31 IST: Review from Jason Holder! Original decision is not out from the umpire. That was a close one. Prithvi Shaw ducks but the bouncer from Holder does not rise. The ball hits Shaw on the elbow. Replay shows that the ball was just clipping the top of the middle stump. Decision goes in the favor of Prithvi Shaw. IND 24-0 after 4.1 overs. 

16:27 IST: Five runs from Jason Holder’s second over. Jomel Warrican will continue from the other end. IND 19-0 after 3 overs. 

16:20 IST: SIX! KL Rahul hits Jomel Warrican straight down the ground to collect six runs. He opens his account with a maximum. First one for India in the second innings. IND 14-0 after 2 overs.

16:18 IST: Eight runs from Jason Holder’s first over in the second innings. Left arm spinner Jomel Warrican will share the ball from the other end. 

16:14 IST: FOUR! India are off the mark in the run chase. Four byes as Jsaon Holder bowls a bad delivery down the leg side. Wicket keeper had no chance to cut that off. The ball races down to the fine leg boundary. IND 4-0 after 0.2 overs.  

16:12 IST: KL Rahul and Prithvi Shaw are out in the middle to start the run chase for India. Jason Holder will start the proceedings for the Windies. 

Innings break – Windies 127 all out in the second innings. India need 72 runs to win. 

16:02 IST: OUT! And its all over for the Windies in the second innings. Umesh Yadav claims 10 wickets in the match. Uproots Shannon Gabriel’s off stump. 

15:57 IST: OUT! Treat to watch! Ravichandran Ashwin cleans up Jomel Warrican with a superb delivery. Takes the top of off stump. Warrican walks back after scoring 7 runs. WI 126-9 after 45.2 overs. 

15:52 IST: FOUR! FOUR! Consecutive boundaries for Devendra Bishoo. Hits the first one inside out on the off side. Slams the second one in the mid wicket region to collect eight runs from two deliveries. WI 119-8 after 44 overs. 

Drinks break – Windies have 110 runs for the loss of eight wickets. They lead by 54 runs in the second innings. 

15:42 IST: Dropped! That would have been a terrific catch if Ajinkya Rahane held on to that one at first slip. Was blinded by the wicket keeper Rishabh Pant. Jomel Warrican survives. Ashwin praises the effort from Rahane. WI 110-8 after 41.2 overs. 

15:34 IST: Review from Sunil Ambris! Original decision is is out. OUT! Trapped right in front of the stumps. Review wasted from the Windies. Ravindra Jadega gets his third wicket. Ambris walks back after scoring 38 runs. WI 109-8 after 38.5 overs. 

15:30 IST: Indian skipper Virat Kohli is pumped up! 

15:25 IST: Review from India! Original decision is not out. Ravindra Jadeja and Rishabh Pant look pretty confident on that one. OUT! Ultra edge clearly shows that the bat was involved. Jadeja gets his second wicket. Jason Holder departs after scoring 19 runs. WI 108-7 after 37 overs. 

15:22 IST: Beaten! Beautifully bowled by Kuldeep Yadav. Sunil Ambris fails to read the googly. The ball goes past the outside edge. WI 108-6 after 35.4 overs. 

15:20 IST: Terrific start from Ravindra Jadeja in the final session. Just one run from his first over. Sunil Ambris and Jason Holder are battling it out for the Windies in the second innings. WI 107-6 after 35 overs. 

15:18 IST: Maiden! Tight over from Kuldeep Yadav comes to an end. Ravindra Jadeja will bowl for India from the other end. Sunil Ambris (37) and Jason Holder (17) have stitched a partnership of 37 runs for the seventh wicket. WI 106-6 after 34 overs. 

15:09 IST: Four and 100 comes up for Windies! Jason Holder times the ball beautifully through covers to collect four runs. Wide delivery from Kuldeep Yadav and Holder places it perfectly between cover and long-off fielder. The Windies now lead by 47 runs in the second innings. WI 103-6 after 31.5 overs. 

15:03 IST: FOUR! Poor delivery from Umesh Yadav. Drifts it onto the pads and Sunil Ambris plays it fine down the leg side to collect four runs. WI 99-6 after 30.3 overs. 

14:59 IST: SIX! Monstrous hit from Windies skipper Jason Holder. Over pitched delivery from Kuldeep Yadav and Holder launches the ball into the long-on stands. First maximum of the innings for the Windies. WI 95-6 after 29.4 overs. 

14:56 IST: Review from India! Original decision is not out. Sunil Ambris goes for the ambitious drive but fails to connect the ball. Rishabh Pant was convinced that the ball got the outside edge. But that’s not the case. Ultra edge shows that there was no knick involved. Sunil Ambris survives. WI 88-6 after 29.1 overs. 

14:52 IST: FOUR! Wide delivery outside off stump from Umesh Yadav and Sunil Ambris guides the ball to the third man region to collect four runs. WI 85-6 after 28.3 overs. 

14:47 IST: Play resumes after Tea – Wrist-spinner Kuldeep Yadav will bowl the first over in the final session, with Sunil Ambris on strike. Ambris has looked good so far with his defending, scored 21 runs from 55 deliveries.  

Tea break – Windies 76 for six wickets. Lead India by 20 runs in the second innings. 

14:26 IST: A wicket and six runs from Umesh Yadav’s final over before tea break. Windies are on the back foot here at tea on Day 3. 

14:20 IST: OUT! Ninth wicket for Umesh Yadav in the match. Cleans up Shane Dowrich with an inswinging delivery. Yadav is on fire at the moment. WI 70-6 after 26.1 overs. 

14:13 IST: OUT! Knocked him over! Umesh Yadav uproots the off stump of Roston Chase (6). Terrific delivery from Yadav. The ball goes through Chase’s defense. Yadav gets his eighth wicket of the match. WI 68-5 after 25 overs. 

14:02 IST: FOUR! Short ball from Umesh Yadav and Sunil Ambris pulls it away for a boundary. Controlled pull from Ambris as he hits the ball along the ground. Cheteshwar Pujara in the deep fails to cut the ball. Ambris gets his first boundary in the second innings. WI 59-4 after 22.2 overs. 

13:59 IST: Another tight over from Ravindra Jadeja comes to an end. Just one run from it. Both Sunil Ambris (7) and Roston Chase (3) are playing very cautiously against the Indian spinners at the moment. WI 55-4 after 22 overs. 

13:44 IST: Bowling change for India! Umesh Yadav comes back to replace Kuldeep Yadav. WI 53-4 after 18 overs.

13:38 IST: 50 up for the Windies! Roston Chase places the googly from Kuldeep Yadav on the off-side to pick up a couple of runs as fifty comes up for the Windies in the second innings. 

13:27 IST: OUT! Ravindra Jadeja strikes in his first over. Shai Hope walks back after scoring 28 runs. Terrific delivery from the left-arm spinner. The ball just spins away from Hope after pitching. Takes the outside edge and Ajinkya Rahane does the rest at first slip. WI 45-4 after 13.4 overs.

13:25 IST: Bowling change for India! Ravindra Jadeja comes in to replace Ravichandran Ashwin. 

13:22 IST: OUT! Tossed up delivery from Kuldeep Yadav and Shimron Hetmyer falls for it. Steps out to slog it over but only manages a thick outside edge. Cheteshwar Pujara at backward point takes a simple catch. WI 45-3 after 13 overs.

13:19 IST: FOUR! Lovely drive from Shai Hope. Reaches to the pitch of the ball against Kuldeep Yadav and times the ball to perfection. The ball beats the long-off fielder and races to the fence. WI 44-2 after 12.2 overs.

13:09 IST: FOUR! Shimron Hetmyer sweeps Kuldeep Yadav to collect his second boundary. Yadav bowls it wide outside leg stump and Hetmyer places the ball fine to collect four runs. WI 31-2 after 10.2 overs.

13:04 IST: Tight start from Kuldeep Yadav. Three runs from his first over in the second innings. Ravichandran Ashwin will continue from the other end. WI 25-2 after 9 overs.

13:00 IST: Bowling change for India! Kuldeep Yadav replaces Umesh Yadav. 

12:57 IST: Maiden! Tight over from Umesh Yadav comes to an end. After going for 10 runs in his previous over, Yadav bounces back with a maiden. Ravichandran Ashwin continue from the other end. WI 20-2 after 7 overs.

12:48 IST: FOUR! Shai Hope hits on the rise and collects four runs. Umesh Yadav bowls outside off stump and Hope times the ball beautifully to collect his third boundary. WI 18-2 after 4.3 overs.

12:45 IST: FOUR! Boundary to end the terrific over from Ashwin. The Windies could have been three down but the edge Shai Hope’s bat takes the ball wide off the first slip. Reaches the fence in no time. WI 10-2 after 4 overs.

12:39 IST: OUT! Windies are two down now. Ravichandran Ashwin gets his first wicket in the second innings. Rahane takes a sharp low catch at first slip. Kieran Powell walks back for a 9-ball duck. WI 6-2 after 3.3 overs.

12:37 IST: Four and Windies are off the mark in the second innings. Umesh Yadav bowls on the pads and Shai Hope clips the ball through mid wicket to collect four runs. WI 4-1 after 2.5 overs.

12:34 IST: Maiden from other end as well from Ravichandran Ashwin. This has been a tight start from the Indian bowlers in the second innings. WI 0-1 after 2 overs.

12:31 IST: Excellent start from Umesh Yadav. Wicket maiden for him. Ravichandran Ashwin will share the new ball with Umesh from the other end. WI 0-1 after 1 over.

12:26 IST: OUT! Kraigg Brathwaite walks back for a 2-ball duck. Umesh Yadav drifts the ball down the leg side. Trying to run the ball down to fine-leg Brathwaite only manages a edge. Diving Rishabh Pant takes a good catch down the leg side. WI 0-1 after 0.2 overs.

12:25 IST: Kraigg Brathwaite and Kieran Powell are out in the middle to start the second innings for the Windies. Umesh Yadav will start the proceedings for India in the post lunch session.

Lunch, Day 3 – India 367 all-out in the first innings. Lead the Windies by 46 runs. 

11:46 IST: Bowled! And it’s all over for India in the first innings. Shannon Gabriel dismisses Ravichandran Ashwin (35) with a terrific in-swinging delivery. 

11:44 IST: FOUR! Poor delivery from Shannon Gabriel. Full-toss on the pads and Ravichandran Ashwin clips the ball on the on-side to collect four runs. IND 367 for 9 after 106.2 overs.

11:41 IST: Tidy over from Devendra Bishoo. Just one run from it. Shannon Gabriel will continue from the other end. IND 363 for 9 after 106 overs.

11:34 IST: FOUR! Short ball from Shannon Gabriel and top edge from Ravichandran Ashwin’s bat takes the ball over the fence on the leg side. India now have a 50-run lead in the first innings. IND 361 for 9 after 104.3 overs.

11:28 IST: 350 comes up for India! Single on the final ball of the over and India have 350 runs on the board in the first innings. Bowling change for the Windies as well. Devendra Bishoo comes into the attack. 

11:26 IST: FOUR! Cheeky shot from Ravichandran Ashwin gets him a boundary off Shannon Gabriel. Opens the face of the bat and guides the ball over gully to collect four runs. IND 349 for 9 after 102.5 overs.

11:22 IST: Bowling change for the Windies! Shannon Gabriel comes in to replace Jason Holder. IND 345 for 9 after 102 overs.

11:16 IST: Another tight over from Jason Holder. Just one run from it. Jomel Warrican will continue from the other end. IND 341 for 9 after 101 overs.

11:07 IST: OUT! Tossed up delivery outside off stump from Jomel Warrican. Invites the drive but Umesh Yadav fails to reach to the pitch of the ball. Manages only an outside edge and substitute wicket-keeper Hamilton takes a sharp catch. Umesh Yadav walks back after scoring two runs. IND 339 for 9 after 99.2 overs.

11:02 IST: Another tight over from left-arm spinner Jomel Warrican. Just two runs from it. India lead by 27 runs in the first innings. Jason Holder will continue from the other end. IND 338 for 8 after 98 overs.

10:48 IST: OUT! Knocked him over! 5-wicket haul for the Windies skipper Jason Holder. Cleans up Kuldeep Yadav with a superb delivery. Fifth 5-wicket haul for Holder in Test cricket. Kuldeep Yadav walks back after scoring 6 runs. IND 334 for 8 after 94.4 overs.

10:39 IST: Maiden! Tight start from Jason Holder after the drinks break. Jomel Warrican will continue from the other end. 

10:33 IST: Drinks break – The first hour of play on Day 3 has come to an end and the Windies are on top at the moment. India have a 23-run lead in the first innings. Ravichandran Ashwin (8) and Kuldeep Yadav (6) are out in the middle for India. IND 334 for 7 after 92 overs.

10:24 IST: FOUR! Kuldeep Yadav gets his first boundary of the match. Full length delivery outside off-stump from Shannon Gabriel and Kuldeep places the ball in the cover region to collect four runs. IND 332 for 7 after 90.1 overs.

10:20 IST: Bowling change for the Windies! Spin introduced for the first time on Day 3. Left arm spinner Jomel Warrican introduced into the attack. IND 328 for 7 after 89 overs.

10:14 IST: The Windies are on the offensive at the moment. Another fielder added in the slip cordon. Three slips and a gully for Shannon Gabriel now against Kuldeep Yadav. IND 324 for 7 after 88.2 overs.

10:12 IST: Another tight over from the Windies skipper Jason Holder comes to an end. Just two runs from it. IND 324 for 7 after 88 overs.

10:04 IST: OUT! Another one bites the dust. Brilliant catch from Shimron Hetmyer in the covers. Rishabh Pant misses out on a ton again. Walks back after scoring 92 runs. Shannon Gabriel gets his first wicket of the morning. Terrific bowling from the Windies at the start on Day 3. India are in trouble at the moment. They only have 11-run lead with only three wickets remaining now. IND 322 for 7 after 86.3 overs.

09:53 IST: FOUR! Rishabh Pant collects a boundary on the leg side. Shannon Gabriel drifts on to the pads and Pant times the ball beautifully. He has now moved into the 90’s with that boundary. IND 318 for 6 after 84.3 overs.

09:48 IST: Review from the Windies. Original decision is not out. And the decision stays. Ruled as umpire’s call. Jason Holder is on fire at the moment. Traps Asgwin, this time in front of the stumps. Replay shows that the ball was just clipping the leg stump. Ashwin survives. Brilliant start from the Windies. IND 314 for 6 after 83.5 overs.

09:46 IST: OUT! What a start this has been for the Windies. Another wicket for Jason Holder. Ravindra Jadeja walks back for a two-ball duck. Beaten by pace and swing as Holder traps him right in front of the stumps. IND 314 for 6 after 83.3 overs.

09:42 IST: OUT! Jason Holder strikes early for the Windies on Day 3. Awkward bounce and Rahane hits the ball straight into the hands of Shai Hope at gully. Rahane walks back after scoring 80 runs. IND 314 for 5 after 83.1 overs.

09:37 IST: Rishabh Pant scores his first run on Day 3. Pushes the ball to cover region to pick up an easy single off Shannon Gabriel. IND 313 for 4 after 82.3 overs.

09:35 IST: First over on Day 3 from Jason Holder comes to an end. Four runs from it. Shannon Gabriel will share the new ball with Holder from the other end. India lead by 1 run in the first innings.

09:32 IST: Four and 150-run partnership comes up between Ajinkya Rahane and Rishabh Pant. Terrific shot from Rahane on the second ball of the day. Wide ball from Jason Holder and Rahane times the ball beautifully to collect four runs through covers. IND 312 for 4 after 81.2 overs.

09:29 IST: New ball has been taken by the Windies. Two slips and a gully for Jason Holder. Here we go! 

09:28 IST: Ajinkya Rahane and Rishabh Pant are out in the middle to start Day 3 for India. Jason Holder will start the proceedings for the Windies.

09:08 IST: Warm-up ahead of the start of Day 3.

08:30 IST: Hello and welcome to the live commentary from the Day 3 of the second Test between India and Windies.

Skipper Jason Holder claimed his fifth five-wicket haul in Test cricket as the Windies dismissed India for 367 in the morning session on Day 3 of the second Test in Hyderabad on Sunday. India could manage a lead of 56 runs in the first innings as the Windies pacers took six wickets for 59 runs in the first session. Leading his team from the front, Holder clinched three wickets in the morning session as India struggled against the lanky pacer. The Windies pacers started Day 3 with the new ball and the skipper delivered early for the team, dismissing Ajinkya Rahane (80) and Ravindra Jadeja (nought) in the same over. Resuming on 308 for four, India suffered a double blow in the third over of the day. Post the departure of Jadeja, Rishabh Pant and Ravichandran Ashwin tried to steady the Indian innings but Shimron Hetmyer took a brilliant catch at covers to send Pant (92) back to the pavilion. Holder then, dismissed Kuldeep Yadav (6) to claim his fifth wicket of the inning. Towards the end, Ravichandran Ashwin (35) and Shardul Thakur (4*) strung together a 28-run partnership to take India’s lead past 50 runs. For Windies, it was a terrific session as the visitors took six wickets in the entire session bundling out the home team. Apart from Holder, Shannon Gabriel claimed three wickets while Jomel Warrican picked two as the Windies team pulled India back.

Middle-order batsmen Ajinkya Rahane and Rishabh Pant scored fine half-centuries as India reached 308/4 to trail by 3 runs at stumps on Day 2 of the second Test against the Windies at the Rajiv Gandhi International Stadium in Hyderabad. Rahane (75 not out) and Pant (85 not out) were at the crease when umpires called it a day. The duo forged an unbeaten 146-run stand for the fifth-wicket. For the Windies, who failed to pick a single wicket in the final session, Jason Holder was the pick of the bowlers, returning with figures of 2/45.

Both Pant and Rahane will aim to score their second and 10th Test centuries respectively, helping India take a big first innings lead against the tourists. The Windies bowlers will have a go again and will look to break the Rahane-Pant partnership and get their team back in the game. Trailing 0-1 in the two-match Test series, the third day will be vital for the visitors. However, it will not be an easy task as India still have Ravichandran Ashwin and Ravindra Jadeja, who can chip in with some runs.

The second session of the second day belonged to the Windies as India reached 173/4 at tea. Prithvi Shaw (70), who carried on his impressive start in international cricket, scored his maiden Test half-century but was the first wicket to fall for the home side in the second session after his breezy knock was brought to an end by Jomel Warrican. Cheteshwar Pujara (10), on the other hand, failed to perform with the bat. Meanwhile, skipper Virat Kohli (45) looked in solid touch before he being caught plumb in front of the stumps by Jason Holder. Kohli was also involved in a 60-run fourth wicket stand with Rahane.

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