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India vs Australia Live Cricket Score: Rohit Sharma Departs After Fifty, India In Command

A brilliant bowling display by the Indian bowlers towards the end of the innings restricted Australia to 293/6 on Sunday. Batting first, David Warner and Aaron Finch gave Australia a solid start before Pandya dismissed Warner for 42. Steve Smith (63) and Finch (124) steadied the Australia innings and stitched together a 154-run partnership. However, Indian bowlers pegged back visitors with regular wickets in the death overs. For India, Jasprit Bumrah and Kuldeep Yadav scalped two wickets each. (Live Scorecard)

Catch all the live action of the 3rd ODI between India and Australia, straight from Indore

19:34 IST: Six! Hardik stays put in the crease, loads up on the slog-sweep over deep mid-wicket.

19:31 IST: Hardik Pandya is the new man in.

19:30 IST: Out! Pat Cummins strike for Australia, dismisses Ajinkya Rahane for 70.

19:23 IST: Kohli gets off the mark with a punch down the ground.

19:21 IST: Virat Kohli is the new man in.

19:20 IST: Out! Short from Coulter-Nile, Rohit (71) pulls, miscues and Cartwright takes a good catch.

19:18 IST: Four! Rahane hits the ball straight back just past the bowler. 

19:15 IST: India 132/0 (Rohit 70*, Rahane 58*) after 20 overs, need 162 runs to win.

19:02 IST: Fifty! Rahane scores his 21st ODI fifty against Australia.

18:58 IST: Drinks!

18:57 IST: Safe! This was a back of a length delivery outside off, Rohit (67) was looking to run it down towards third man, went a lot finger and to the right of the keeper. It was dying onto him, he dived forward, got his right gloves underneath but couldn’t hold on.

18:54 IST: Four! Back-to-back boundaries from Rohit off Cummins.

18:53 IST: Four! Full from Cummins, Rohit lofts the ball right over the bowler’s head with ease. Nonchalant from the opener.

18:52 IST: Pat Cummins is introduced back into the attack.

18:51 IST: Four! Short from Stoinis, Rahane gets into position early and dispatches the ball for another boundary.

18:48 IST: 100 comes up for India in the 15th over. India are cruising in run chase at the moment.

18:46 IST: Four! Short from Agar, Rahane pulls it with full power past the fielder at short mid-wicket.

18:45 IST: Four! Width from Agar and Rohit cuts it handsomely for a boundary.

18:40 IST: Six! Rohit comes down the track and dispatches Agar for a huge maximum straight down the ground. What a way to score his 33rd ODI fifty! This is his fastest fifty in ODIs going past the 43-ball fifty against Sri Lanka in Pallekele last month.

18:32 IST: Decent start from Agar, gives away only six runs.

18:31 IST: Ashton Agar, left-arm orthodox, comes into the attack.

18:30 IST: India 68/0 (Rohit 39*, Rahane 26*) after 10 overs. Brilliant batting display from the Indian openers.

18:28 IST: Four! Successive boundaries off Stoinis for Rahane.

18:27 IST: Four! Stoinis goes down the wicket and Rahane guides the ball away for a boundary to backward square leg..

18:26 IST: Four! Couple of steps down the pitch and Rahane blasts Stoinis for a boundary to deep mid-wicket.

18:22 IST: Six! Rohit dances down the track and smokes Richardson out of the stadium. Literally!

18:20 IST: Stoinis concedes just four runs in his first over.

18:17 IST: Marcus Stoinis, right-arm medium, comes into the attack

18:15 IST: Four! Short delivery from Richardson, Rohit pulls it handsomely to deep mid-wicket.

18:14 IST: Four! Width from Richardson, Rohit cuts with authority for a boundary to deep backward point.

18:13 IST: Kane Richardson, right-arm fast medium, comes into the attack.

18:11 IST: Six!! Rohit lofts Coulter-Nile over long-off with ease for a huge maximum. Sublime from the opener. 

18:09 IST: Four! Coulter-Nile strays on the pads and Rohit clips it in front of square to deep mid-wicket for a boundary.

18:07 IST: At the end of the fifth over, India 23/0.

18:06 IST: Six! Short delivery from Cummins, Rohit pulls it high and over square leg for a maximum.

18:01 IST: Four! Rahane comes down the pitch and lofts Coulter-Nile over the cover for the first boundary.

17:59 IST: Three overs gone and India are yet to hit a boundary.

17:52 IST: Nathan Coulter-Nile to share the new ball with Cummins.

17:49 IST: Brilliant start from Cummins, India 2/0 at the end of the first over.

17:46 IST: Pat Cummins is opening the bowling attack for Australia.

17:45 IST: Welcome back to the chase! Rohit Sharma and Ajinkya Rahane are opening the batting for India.

17:15 IST: Do join us for India’s chase.

17:06 IST: And the first innings is done! Powered by Finch’s brilliant century, Australia post 293/6 in 50 overs. India need 294 to take an unassailable lead in the five-match ODI series.

17:04 IST: Four! Ashton Agar hits Bumrah over short fine leg for a boundary.

17:03 IST: After bowling a brilliant first ball, Bumrah bowls two consecutive wide balls.

17:01 IST: Bhuvneshwar lost control and the ball flew out of his hand and landed near backward square. The straight umpire called it a dead-ball while the square leg umpire called it a no-ball. They get together and confirm it will be a dead-ball.

16:56 IST: Ashton Agar is the new man in.

16:55 IST: Out! Peter Handscomb (3) looking to go big finds Manish Pandey at the long-off boundary who times his jump to perfection and holds on, since he was tracking back, threw the ball up and went over the rope, came back in and completed the catch. 

16:47 IST: Four! Attempted yorker from Buhvneshwar goes wrong, Stoinis hits the ball straight down the ground.

16:42 IST: Peter Handscomb is the new man in.

16:41 IST: Out! Jasprit Bumrah cleans up Travis Head for four. Australia losing track with fall of quick wickets.

16:38 IST: Last five overs to go. It will interesting to see how Stoinis and Head ups the ante and take Australia to a big total. 

16:35 IST: India lose an LBW review as the ball pitched outside off. 

16:29 IST: Six! Stoinis dispatches Kuldeep for a maximum over long-off. Stand and deliver from Stoinis.

16:27 IST: Travis Head and Marcus Stoinis are the new man in. 

16:26 IST: Out!! Yuzvendra Chahal deceives Maxwell and Dhoni takes the bails off in a flash.

16:20 IST: Out!! Smith looking to go big, miscues and Bumrah takes a comfortable catch. Kuldeep gets his second.

16:16 IST: After 40 overs Australia 233/2 (Smith 59*, Maxwell 2*)

16:11 IST: Four! Full delivery from Pandya, Smith looking to drive, edges the ball past the wicket-keeper for a boundray.

16:07 IST: Glenn Maxwell is the new man in.

16:06 IST: Out! Kuldeep Yadav breaks the deadlock, dismisses Aaron Finch for 124.

16:03 IST: Steve Smith scores up his 19th ODI fifty.

16:02 IST: 150-run partnership comes up between Steve Smith and Aaron Finch.

15:58 IST: Six! Finch hits Kuldeep straight down the ground for a maximum. Kuldeep is proving to be costly.

15:53 IST: Drinks break!

15:52 IST: After 35 overs, Australia 206/1 (Smith 45*, Finch 113*)

15:50 IST: Four! Short from Pandya, Finch pulls the ball with authority.

15:47 IST: 200 comes up for Australia in the 35th over.

15:46 IST: Six! Finch went with the turn, got low in the crease and slammed it over the long-on fence.

15:45 IST: Four! Finch sweeps Kuldeep for a boundary and scores his eight ODI century. 

15:43 IST: Steve Smith is nearing his fifty and Aaron Finch is nearing his century.

15:34 IST: After 30 overs Australia 160/1 (Smith 40*, Finch 85*)

15:33 IST: Four! Finch this time goes down the ground. 100-run partnership comes up between Finch and Smith.

15:32 IST: Six!! Finch slams Kuldeep for a huge maximum.

15:29 IST: Four! Short delivery from Chahal, Finch dispatches it away for a boundary.

15:22 IST: Six! Slower delivery from Bhuvneshwar Kumar, Finch smokes the ball for a maximum. Stand and deliver from Finch.

15:15 IST: 25 overs gone, Australia 135/1.

15:08 IST: Four! Full from Pandya, Finch drives it beautifully through covers for a boundary. 

15:05 IST: Four! Pandya straying on the pads, Smith flicks the ball for a boundary.

15:02 IST: Kuldeep Yadav concedes seven runs in his first over. 

14:59 IST: Four! Finch goes straight down the ground, brings up his 17th ODI fifty.

14:58 IST: Four! Chahal goes down the leg side, Finch gets the ball away for a boundary.

14:55 IST: 100 comes up for Australia in the 20th over.

14:54 IST: Four! Good length delivery from Pandya, Finch edges the ball to third man for a boundary.

14:51 IST: Four! Smith dances down the track and flicks the ball to the right mid-wicket for a boundary.

14:44 IST: Six! Finch reads the googly from Chahal, dispatches the ball for a maximum over the fielder at long-on.

14:40 IST: First drinks break of the game.

14:36 IST: At the end of the 15th over, Australia 76/1.

14:33 IST: Four! Steve Smith gets off the mark with a boundary to deep mid-wicket.

14:31 IST: Steve Smith is the new man in.

14:30 IST: Out! Slower ball from Hardik Pandya, David Warner (42) misses and the ball crashes into the stumps. Australia 70/1 in 13.3 overs.

14:26 IST: Six! Warner slams Chahal for a maximum.

14:24 IST: Pandya concedes just three runs in his first over.

14:20 IST: Hardik Pandya comes into the attack.

14:19 IST: Brilliant first over from Chahal, concedes just two runs.

14:18 IST: 50 comes up for Australia in the 11th over.

14:17 IST: Safe! David Warner takes a quick single, Kohli at mid-wicket hits the wickets directly but Warner makes his ground. 

14:15 IST: Yuzvendra Chahal introduced into the attack.

14:12 IST: 10 overs gone, Australia 49/0 (Warner 24*, Finch 22*)

14:07 IST: Four! Back-to-back boundaries for Warner off Bhuvneshwar.

14:06 IST: Four! Bhuvneshwar straying on the pads again, Warner gets the ball past the short fine leg for a boundary.

14:04 IST: Four! Slower ball from Bumrah, Finch goes for the lofted-drives, targets mid-on, but the ball takes the inside edge and misses the man at short fine leg.

14:02 IST: Indian bowlers, at the moment, are keeping Australian batsmen at bay.

13:56 IST: Beaten! Finch looking to defend the short of length delivery from Bumrah, misses the ball as it goes past the outside edge.

13:53 IST: At the end of the fifth over, Australia 23 for no loss.

13:52 IST: Four! Bhuvneshwar straying on the leg side, Warner guides the ball for his first boundary.

13:49 IST: Four! Little bit of width from Bumrah, Finch punches the ball off the back foot.

13:47 IST: Four! Full delivery from Bumrah, Finch edges the ball for a boundary. 

13:44 IST: Good over from Bhuvneshwar. Only one from the over.

13:39 IST: There are no freebies on offer for the Aussies at the moment. The Indian bowlers have struck a good length right away. Australia 6 for 0 in 2 overs.

13:37 IST: Bumrah angling it away from the left-hander. Beats Warner all ends up.

13:35 IST: Jasprit Bumrah to share the new ball.

13:34 IST: At the end of the first over, Australia three for no loss.

13:30 IST: First ball, Bhuvneshwar gets the ball to come back into the batsman, Warner negotiates it carefully.

13:29 IST: Bhuvneshwar Kumar will be opening the bowling attack for India.

13:28 IST: Aaron Finch and David Warner are opening the batting for Australia.

13:27 IST: Alright then, it is game time!

13:20 IST: While India remain an unchanged side, Aaron Finch and Peter Handscomb (wk) is back in the squad for Australia in place of Matthew Wade and Hilton Cartwright.

13:15 IST: Playing XI for Australia

13:10 IST: Playing XI for Team India

13:00 IST: Australia have won the toss for the first time in the series and they have decided to bat.

12:58 IST: The curator of the track had already predicted that it will a great track to bat but the wrist spinners will always be in the game with India having two of them in their line-up at the moment.

12:57 IST: It is a bright and sunny day with no chances of rain, although it is difficult to predict the weather. Let’s hope it remains bright and sunny and we can get a full game here in Indore.

12:55 IST: Hello and welcome to the third one-day played between India and Australia at the Holkar Cricket Stadium, Indore.

Australia’s plight could easily be gauged from the fact that eight of their batsmen could not touch double-digit scores in Chennai, while only four of them could score more than 10 runs in Kolkata. The visitors need David Warner to fire at top of the order and Glenn Maxwell to see the side through in the middle order. These are no alien conditions for them, having played for their IPL franchises for the last few years.

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