In The Long Run Of 10 Years, Look How GOT Characters Have Changed Over 8 Seasons.


1. Cersei Lannister


Ruthless, fierce as she has shown throughout all the seasons. Cersei is a lioness who has loved her children more than anything and with everything that she has. She is the smartest person in the show that we know of and she too deserved a better ending, a better way to die.

2. Jon Snow



He went from being a bastard boy to the king in the north to being a true heir to the iron throne and lastly to being absolutely useless in the last season. Jon Snow turned into the true son of Ned Stark. Man of honor and true to his words. A brave warrior and a natural leader.

3. Tyrion Lannister


From a drunken whoremonger to the famous dwarf in the city, here we have the one who likes to drink and know things, The Imp Tyrion Lannister. Apart from the cool beardy look that grows onto him so well, Tyrion has come such a long way dodging the bullet of death many times.

4. Daenerys Targaryen


She brought dragons into the world and she brought Dothraki to Westeros, they crossed the Narrow Sea as no one has ever been able to do so. She broke the chains and became the mad queen to break the wheel. You are my true Queen and you forever will be. Absolutely heroic and nothing like her.

5. Sansa Stark


Sansa once wanted to be the only Queen of King Joffery’s. Now, she is the frickin’ Queen in the North. Thanks to her devious guide Cersei Lannister. She also is the smartest person.

6. Arya Stark


Wow. Hero of Winterfell. Killed The Night King and saved the world from White Walkers. Assassin. No one. Explorer. Not a lady. Sharpshooter. Wild and calm as the snow. Just like her home.

7. Jaime Lannister


Disgusting to Deserving, Jamie Lannister earned our trust, love, respect and a bit of pity too. A man with a golden hand. That is what I am talking about character development.

8. Brandon Stark


How to get everything done and set up by doing nothing; here Bran the Broken is the perfect example for it. what he did by sitting in the chair and with those white eyes, only the Ravens know I think.

9. Theon Greyjoy


No better fit to have seen a character propelled through so many aspects of a personality. You fought bravely Theon and you truly are a good man. Thank You.

10. Brienne of Tarth


A knight of the seven kingdoms. At least she is the one who got almost everything she wanted. Killed Stannis, Protected the starks, honor of being a knight and finally slept with Jaime Lannister.

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