Importance of technology in the Classroom


The modern day life has bought computers into all walks of life and has not spared the domain of education in particular. The importance of technology is a widely discussed concept around the world. The great strides of advancement in technology have made learning affordable to a majority of students all over the world. Here are some points to substantiate the importance of technology in classroom discussed below:


Benefits of Technology in the Classroom


  1. Customized learning experience for students

Most teachers nowadays have vouched for using technology in their classrooms as there are various facilities attached to it while delivering lectures. Students would be able to learn at their own pace if different tools like e- books, apps, virtual tutoring and so on is handed over to them.  Course materials that are digitally oriented could back the topics for classroom learning while catering to the learning needs of every individual student.


  1. Knowledge accessed instantly

Modern day children are blessed with exposure to technology like never before. This helps them to search for literally any topic with just a few clicks. The phrase ‘just google it’ is used by school goers even at the kindergarten level. Students would have a holistic view on any subject taught by tutors at various levels. Tutors could guide students on assessing the information quality of topics found across the internet so that they would not fall prey for misleading information.



  1. Priority for students

Most students if being given an option would go for integration of technology with their learning curriculum like CBSE. It is known for everyone that tablet pc’s, smart phones and so on are part of every household and students use them on a daily basis whether for education or for entertainment. Using devices like these, students would be able to connect with their fellow students, tutors and their school activities.


  1. Promotes blended learning

A large majority of students are in favor of blended learning where conventional learning is infused with technological aids. Learning in this manner facilitates reduction in costs for most schools. This could be done by using e-books available online whether as paid or free versions and they could be referred anytime or anywhere without spending a huge sum of money.


  1. Support from tutors

Using technology for learning helps students to discuss their problems with their tutors on challenges faced while learning new subjects or Math topics. This would help in better understanding of student learning demands among tutors who could alter their style of delivering classes.


From the above discussion, one could say that technology would be an integral part of education at present and would make further advancements in the coming years.


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