If You Have Tried These 15 Foods Then You Are Definitely From Glasgow

How much Scottish do you think you are? Well we can tell if you are Scottish or not on the basis of the food that you have tried from this list. The foods in this list are the favorite of every Scottish person. So read the article to know how much Scottish blood you have in you!

Munchie box


It the favorite meal in a box for every Scottish, especially if you are from Glasgow! It is an inexpensive fast-food product sold from takeaway restaurants.

Fritter roll


A fritter roll is a Scottish food item which consists of one or two potato fritters enclosed in a floury bap and is usually served with salt. It sounds pretty bland but with a bit of ketchup it tastes amazing!

Tattie scones


This is also one of the Glasgow favorite it originally contains boiled potatoes, butter and salt but over time there exists many recipes of it.

Scotch pie


This delicious beauty is a Glasgow special, scotch pie (mutton pie) is a small, double-crust meat pie filled with minced mutton or other meat.

Square sausage


It is special type of Scottish sausage unlike the cylindrical one this one is square in shape. It is usually made from ground meat, rusk and spices and the Scottish people love it!

Chips and cheese


Big fat chunky chips are easy to make, you don’t have to microwave these if you like cheese just slightly melted. Serve with beans or creamy coleslaw.

Black pudding supper


Black pudding supper is a meat dish served mainly at chip shops in parts of Scotland.

Haggis supper


Haggis supper one of the favorites of the Scottish people it is a savoury pudding containing sheep’s pluck minced with onion, oatmeal, suet, spices, and salt, mixed with stock and cased in artificial casing.

Macaroni pie


Macaroni pie is as delicious as it sounds, it is a casserole dish based on baked macaroni and cheese.

Stonner kebab


The stonner kebab is a delicious dish, it is a pork sausage wrapped in strips of doner meat, coated in two layers of batter, and then deep fried. It is served on a bed of chips.

Tunnock’s Teacakes


These are tasty soft marshmallow on a biscuit base fully coated in real milk chocolate or dark chocolate.

Mince and tatties


Mince and tatties is one of the most popular dishes in the Scotland consisting of minced beef and mashed potato. If you are a true Scottish you will try it out!

Double nougat


The rich, creamy double layered nut and almond praline bar is to die for, and once you try it we know that you are Scottish!



This delicious Scottish dish is initially made using potatoes and meat, but there are many variety of recipes of it.

Chips and curry sauce


This amazingly simple Scottish favorite dish is made of freshly fried crisp chips topped with a delicious sauce, gravy or a nice curry.

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