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How a Pakistani shut Chetan Bhagat up

One among them was the controversial Indian author Chetan Bhagat, who tweeted that Pakistan’s forefathers would have rued the fact that they had insisted on the Partition of the country. Had they not done that, the Pakistanis would not have had to witness their cricket team going down so heavily to India, Bhagat reasoned.

Sarcasm dripping from every word, Bhagat was also perhaps hinting at India’s unbeaten record against Pakistan in world championships. The record is now 11-0 in favour of India. Bhagat’s tweet generated an angry response from a Pakistani fan, who said, that Partition was still better, because it would have been unacceptable to live with somebody like Bhagat.

Here’s the screenshot of Bhagat’s tweet and the Pakistani fan’s response:



Bhagat, who had often been in the eye of a storm for his statements, perhaps would appreciate that snide remarks is not the way to gain friends, and least of all, mend strained ties.

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