Hilarious Things At The Hospital You May Have Found!


Everyone has been to the hospital. If some one didn’t, he or she was born on the road or house. Let’s look over the hilarious things you may have find out, so scroll down people…

Look what I find out on Christmas tree!


Jingle Bell, Jingle Bell, “Sperm” all the way! They found a nice place to live on. Except for the vagina and the washrooms.

Coolest T-shirt!


I think he has worn the gloves and all the stuff to do the stunt. Please don’t break your hands now!

That’s Super Gross!


That’s the Leech. You may be surprised that the leeches move so fast!

What’s that on her head?


She has mistaken the building expanders foam for the hair mousse. Now she looks like a homeless woman.

Well done, Doctor!


I hope that the boss takes the joke as a joke. Well, that’s the humorous letter by the eye doctor.

Good painting!


The guy fractured his legs but he is utilizing all the blood to make a good picture. How many marks would you give him?

5,6,7..oops, wait!


The address is the simplest address. and the name, well no more complications!

No problem!


My son is learning Archery. But he was holding the bow in the reverse directions. By the way, it doesn’t hurt that much!

That’s big!


It doesn’t matter, what’s the woman’s age. They admire big things like a house and car.

Nice question!


You should get a dustbin to throw the toilet paper. And about the poop. Should I carry around?

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