Hilarious Restaurant Encounters You Can Relate To!


If you have ever been to restaurant (of course you must have gone unless you’re super poor) you must have encountered this. When you scroll down you can look at the hardships of the waiter and if you’re the waiter, vice versa. Scroll down to look over…

Been there!


The waiter asked you because many people come for the parcels. Well, the carpet needs to be cut down it will take 10 minutes for the carpet.

It’s a nightmare!


Please do it on your own. Open the mobile calculator and do the math. Don’t harass me.

Don’t be A-hole!


Waiter(Inner side): The board says the restaurant will close at 10 pm. We won’t provide you anything.

You guys are blind?


I know you want a clean table but why do you choose the dirty one. A question of the universe.

We don’t get excited!


I want a holiday, I want to celebrate weekends. When this will happen?

If Waiters would say the truth!


I don’t understand, everything is written on the menu then also the customers ask, “what are the ingredients?”

Where is the Spatula?


Everything sounds like hundreds of people are shouting at one time!

Is it hygienic?


Well, please do visit our kitchen. Nobody has a time for an argument or to speak.

Where is the order?


You gave me the wrong order and the customer is yelling at me!

I’m doing…


Sir, I’m doing great and I will survive the day. Don’t worry!

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