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Here’s How A Guy Made Flipkart Deposit Money In His Bank Account Because He Was Too Lazy

Bill Gates was right when he said, “I choose a lazy person to do a hard job because a lazy person will find an easy way to do it.

Being lazy is not considered a boon, but sometimes, a lazy person can come up with wittiest solutions to problems that most of us can’t even think about.

Talking about that, a guy’s answer to ‘What’s the laziest thing you have ever done?’ on Quora will blow your mind away.

The thread has around 100 answers, but one answer that caught my eye was Gaurav Singh‘s answer to the question – he managed to fool Flipkart and made them deliver his money in his bank account.

Here’s his story:

A Little Background:

I did this act of laziness and craziness in my college days. I was in final year of my engineering and final semester. This period should be declared as Lazy Period of Life.I had INR 3000 cash with me and I had to deposit them in my account. The bank was far from the hostel and opposite direction of Canteen/Market. I procrastinated for 2–3 days and did not go to the bank. Finally, I found this Idea.

Act Of Laziness:

I searched on Flipkart a product from clothing/footwear worth 3000. I found shoes worth 3099 and I ordered them to my hostel room on COD. Now the product came to me in the morning and I filed its return just after receiving and Flipkart accepted the return. The delivery boy came in the evening and collected the product. The refund in case of COD is processed by NEFT and Flipkart asks the detail of Bank account number, IFSC etc. I entered my bank account details while processing the return. I got my refund next day by NEFT in my bank account.Bingo! Cash deposited in the bank account without going there.

Wait, I’ll sum up everybody’s reaction here:




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