Her Badass Matrimonial ‘Ad’ Went Viral Last Year. She Didn’t Get Married But She’s Enjoying Life !!

Is it some ritual or some law that, When a girl turns 23 she has to get marry?? 

Each lady should get influence from when she is turns 23, Indhuja Pillai,  Pillai made waves everywhere throughout the internet a year back.

For her progressive way to deal with the outlandish assignment that is masterminding a marriage and still not settling one piece.

Indhuja made her own particular wedding site in light of the numerous stresses and requests of her family and the chestnut nosing “society”.  A site that became a web sensation for its invigorating inventiveness.

A matrimonial page which served magnificently to weed out those that wouldn’t love her for who she is, and was abundantly clear on specifically what kind of a manshe wanted to be with.

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So she decided to do this…..

Screenshot 1 Screenshot 6



Screenshot 2




Screenshot 5

Never stop being the awesome maverick you are, Indhuja. You inspire us all.

Image Source- Instagram-Indhuja Pillai



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