Hear! Hear! Sleeping Beauties Here Are 17 Best Memes About Sleeping!


Force Needs Rest


Well, isn’t this all of us every single morning? Could this be any more relatable!

Do I?


Let’s all admit we ask this question every day, and the answer is always YES! Capital and bold…

Are You An Insomniac


Do you too regret watching Netflix until the middle of the night and messing around with the sleep cycle? Because I do!



Well, this is the funniest thing I have seen today, How thick could my brain get? The only possible question I could ask at this point.

Why Bro?


Trust me I can relate to Lord Jesus on another level right now, his expression is the story of my life!

Every Mother Ever!


Well, you need to be a toddler’s mother to get this! The struggle is 200% real!!

Oh! Dear Lord…


If I had been on the Subway to witness this I would make sure that the lady suffers!! You’re wasting the good food lady!

Every Single Day!


Oh, I wish to kill every damn fly that enters my room, you’re ruining my good sleep bitch!!!

What Do I Do?


Well, don’t worry you can always wake your friend up, and never be called for a sleepover ever again!

Uh Huh!


Yes, Bitch! I have waited all of my life for this to happen. This is the single greatest moment of my life!

Too Relatable!


Well given the image on the background, in my defense I thought Ned Stark will die, and he did! Anyways…

Wait, What?


Well, even before I relate, does that shit really work? Probably going to try with all of my remote controls!

The Best Ever!


Probably a bit of exaggeration, but after what I have been through with my sleep cycle I couldn’t relate more!

After All This Time? Always!


Well, yes. That s extremely true, it happens to most of every day, let’s all shut our mouth and admit it!

That One Mistake


I have made that mistake, and we all have made that one mistake!

It Doesn’t Work That Way!


For the last time do not test my patience! I will kill you!

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