Have You Ever Looked Over Hotel Fails? They’re Totally Wacky!


Good hospitality is the key for hotel owners to get more customers! But some of the hotels just don’t care and that makes them part of our article! Well, look over some hilarious hotel fails that will make you laugh out loud! Read the full story to discover that…

This note was written a long time ago!


If you look at the top left, you’ll notice that the paper is starting to yellow. This gives you some idea of how long ago it was written. Unless of course, it is soaking up some stains that were still wet.

Sink fail!


If you are replacing a tap and you can’t get the right length you might have to choose between buying the wrong tap or replacing the entire sink.

How to reach out there?


I think the reason why it’s so funny is that he’s probably still sitting there.

We give you what we promise!


I have seen worse. At least you have an open view and fresh air. Often that is more than you could ask for!

Architect fail!


In case you don’t want to miss any action on the road, you can have a direct gateway to the balcony!



If you slip better you slip gracefully! In case, someone is watching you!

Books are written to be read? No.


I guess many of the books have been stolen. So, the hotel is intended to put the sign for the books!

What should I say about this?


What gets me about braille signage is, if you’re blind, how the hell do you know where the sign is?

Would be there any lifeguards for it?


Honestly, if they’d just take a hacksaw the railings, throw a $100 picnic table in the middle, I doubt anyone would even realize what was up. “What a strange courtyard…”

Privacy invaded!


The only advantage of having such bathrooms is that you won’t miss your favorite shows! By the way, why people built such hotel rooms?

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