Hadid Sisters Plan To Take Away Kardashian’s Reality TV Crown!


Major influencing families in the entertainment industry!


The Kardashians have a hold over a large number of audience, they have been in the entertainment business for a long time now. They have been using their social media platforms with a large audience for promotional businesses.

The family has dominated the reality tv with their own show…


Since the show ‘Keeping up with the Kardashians’ first premiered on October 14, 2007, teh show has entertained millions of people. Fans really enjoyed watching the lives of these celebrity sisters on television.

The sisters recently announced the new season!


The family has entertained us for 14 seasons, we have seen them go through many ups and downs on the show. The show released the promo of the new upcoming season and fans are super excited. KUWTK star also tweeted about the season 15 of the show which read “most rude argumentive fighting season we ever had.”

No one has even challenged the show KUWTK!


The Kardashian sisters are the crowned queens of the entertainment industry, no one has challenged them until now. It seems the Hadid sisters are cooking up something that might pose a threat to the Kardashians!

Recently, one of the Kardashian had a skirmish with teh Hadid sisters!


After Kendall was spotted kissing Anwar, Hadid sisters were extremely angry, they want Kendall to stop fooling around with their little brother Anwar, a source said, “They warned Kendall to leave their brother alone.”

Looks like the Hadid sisters planned teh perfect revenge!


The sisters were worried about their brother, “They’re worried she’s taking advantage of him.” Now, it seems the Hadid sisters are done with the Kardashian’s reign on the reality tv industry.

The Hadid sisters plan to take was Kardashian’s show off the screen!


It has been reported that the Hadid sisters have hired a marketing expert to revamp their personas, they have a “self-promotion plan” to maybe start a new REALITY TV SHOW!

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