Google Maps To Test New Safety Feature For Cabs


After introducing the new Speedometer feature which helps keep track of your car’s speed, Google Maps is introducing a new feature which will tell you if your cab is going off route.  Google Maps is looking at improving the safety of passengers driving in Ola or Uber cabs. With the addition of this feature, riders will be alerted if their cab goes off course by 500 metres.

First spotted by people at XDA Developers, this new feature is currently being tested only in India.  Not only will this improve the safety of the riders, it also makes sure users aren’t being fleeced because of longer routes.

To use the feature, set up navigation as you’d normally do on Google Maps by selecting your destination.  Tap on the ‘Stay Safer’ button at the bottom of the screen. You’ll be presented with two options under the Stay Safer feature.  These include sharing a live trip with your friends or getting off route alerts.

This is not the only safety based feature introduced by Google Maps.  A few days ago, the navigation service launched three features. Commuter based, the new features give information about real time updates about trains and buses and also tell you if you are driving above the speed limit in the area.

Incidentally, Google isn’t the only company which is working to improve the safety conditions for commuters.  Last year, Uber launched a rider specific safety feature called the Safety Toolkit.

The new safety feature by Google Maps for detecting vehicles going off route will not just help people traveling by cabs but also those driving to work.


Stay tuned for more updates.

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