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Girl Thought The Cashier Is ‘Moana’ Character And He Gave The Best Response

It’s really amazing to see your favourite movie characters in real life. Being a kid you always watch animated movies but to see them in real life is really difficult. What if your kid got a chance to see them in real. Something similar happened with the girl who came to the supermarket with her mom. The cashier looked just like the character in ‘Moana’. The reaction which the cashier gave will make you smile.

The Real Life Version Of Moana Character


It looks like that two young ladies from Hawaii found the real-life version of the Moana character Maui. Give it a guess, he works at Costco! He’s a cashier and the names is William Va’ana.

He Does Have That Resemblance


We need to agree on this, William has a striking resemblance to the Moana demi-god, voiced by Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson in the movie. It turns out eight-year-old Ryley and her sister five-year-old Rylyn thought in this, too.

While Shopping


The young ladies were shopping with their mother when one of them spotted William at the cash counter and insisted that he should be Maui. The younger sister begins saying Maui’s name and immediately got noticed.

The Moana Release


The Moana movie overwhelmed the world when Disney released it in 2016, so it’s no big surprise the young ladies were so energized when they trusted they were going to meet one of the main characters.

Mom Recorded The Whole Thing


The Girls’mom took out her cellphone and started recording. William asked who the girls think he is and invited them to his side for a small meet and greet.

Maui’s Signature “Chee hoo”


Once the girls came beside him, he and the young ladies let out Maui’s signature “Chee-hoo” move and it’s totally charming. It was done so perfectly by Williams, it looked like he has done it several times.

Viral Video


Since the video has been shared, the web is lighting up, as well. Many viewers are commenting on how William is a local legend and how we require more kind individuals like him on the planet.

When It Comes To Meeting Your Idol


It’s a huge deal to meet your idols, particularly when you’re a child. So it’s incredible to realize that William isn’t disappointing anybody. Nobody likes to discover their most loved celebrities aren’t nice individuals.

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