Girl Stands On A Cliff And Poses With Her Arms Wide Open. A Huge Wave Comes And Takes Her Away


We all are filled with the wanderlust and what’s a wanderlust at all if you can’t enjoy every bit of the vibe? A Chinese girl doing her travel vacation was doing same but unfortunately, she had to pay a huge amount for a bit of carelessness.

A video is going viral on the social media in which we can see the girl enjoying the vibe while standing on a cliff and keeping her arms wide open. Unknown to her, a strong wave of water comes from behind and blows her away.

Now that’s quite disturbing. Isn’t it?

Watch the video below:

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Thankfully, the girl was saved by a man. In another video posted on Instagram, the man can be seen carrying the girl in his arms after he saves her life. Watch the video:

Click Here to watch the video on Instagram

Now that’s an act of bravery but not everyone is lucky to get a lifesaver at the moment. It’s just better to be careful and avoid such incidents. Do you agree?

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