Get Your Monday Blues Away With Funniest Memes!


What can you expect from these following memes? It will cheer you up, it will at least make you grin! I guess you’re already doing that. If not, just wear some horse blinkers and scroll down!

Guess it!


“It’s gonna be legend- wait for it… and I hope your not lactose intolerant because the second half of the word is DAIRY!!! – Barney Stinson

Might as well!

funniest memes


And I paid for the Airbags too. So, I need to try the safety of the car.

Can you do it?


He’s the father of Gordon Ramsay or Is he speed?[ You will get it if you have seen McQueen memes]



Katie Bauman was no man but did it! Women equal to or greater then Men.

Speak the truth!


I’m not gonna lie, they had us for the first half. And Being antivaxx makes you a retard.

It’s no lie!


WILX news said that the man filed the lawsuit. The man tells that his collection was worth $29,000 and now he is seeking $89,000 in damages!

True that!


I will never forget the time when I was 8 and I witnessed my uncle drop a 20″ CRT on top of a glass coffee table and shattered

How you doin?


Whenever I rewatch I never watch the last episode or last season for that matter. I can’t handle the fact it’s getting over.

Good one!


If I got a tattoo like this and the video got put down then I’d be pissed off so much.

Penguin meme!


When you type your name and it shows, “too weak”

You got him!


Well, Deadpool is one of the best superheroes with the best humor!

Here is my hero!


Every time he got tired, he ate her food and moved one and moved on in his life!

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