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Gaurav Gera Is Fighting It Out With An Event Agency For Unpaid Dues And It’s A Lesson For All Freelancers!

Popularly known for his role as Nandu of one of TV’s favorite shows Jassi Jaisi Koi Nahi, Gaurav Gera has paved a great way for himself.

The show finished and his notoriety failed out yet on account of the web that now he is web’s most loved performer and star. From his Chutki and businessperson dubsmashes to interesting snapchats, Gaurav Gera’s way to prevalence and distinction is no not exactly an exemplary case of how the web can be investigated and abused in splendid ways.Gaurav gera

While he is doing incredible for himself and numerous film-stars worked together with him for dubsmashes and film advancements, Gaurav Gera is pissed with the maker of Kingdom of Dreams. As indicated by Gaurav’s cases, he has done everything to get his contribution from them yet all endeavors have fizzled and that is the point at which he turned out and converse with media about it.

Gaurav did a play named “Jhumroo” in Kingdom of Dreams and he charges that maker Gagan Sharma is not paying his contribution that sums to a large portion of a crore. Discussing the same, he said,

“Enough is enough, I have been requesting them for the past two and a half years to pay my dues but they are not ready to do it. I am done with all this.”

Gaurav gera

“Wizcraft has money to pay Shah Rukh Khan and Kareena Kapoor but they don’t have money to pay me. It’s quite hurting for me. It’s is my hard earned money and I want that money back. I have also sent a legal notice to them. In return they said, we already have 15 legal notices against us, yours will be 16th. This hardly matters to us.”

The saddest part of the battle that Gera is fighting against wizcraft is that he has decided to give up on Television. He added:

“I am not going to do TV anymore. Jhalak Dikhlaa Jaa season 9 will be my last small screen show. Or I will do only if they will pay be in advance. I am so helpless that I can’t even got to CINTAA because they only handle TV and films. They don’t cover theatre. For me it is not Kingdom of Dreams, it is Kingdom of Sorrows.”

Gaurav concluded the conversation saying,

“I waited for three and a half years for my payments. Never said anything against them but now it’s high time. Today also I am just requesting them to pay my dues.”

Sources- India Times

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