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Farrah Goes Live To Slam All The Gender Stereotypes Against Her!

We all know how messed up Farrah Abraham is as a Teen Mom star and as a mother of her only daughter Sophia. Farrah has been the center of many controversies in the show and she has loved the attention till now. Not long ago MTV was accused of ill behavior against their show’s cast members, stars like Simon Saran have given a timely update on such events. Now, Farrah recently went live on Instagram to slam the gender stereotypes against her, read the article to know more…

Farrah has loved the attention she got!


Farrah Abraham is one of those stars who loves to be the center of attention, she has done all she could to be the popular one on the show. Unfortunately for Farrah, she only got negative reactions from her fans.

Farrah has worked for porn industry before and fans have hated her decision.


As a mother of a daughter, Farrah should never have gotten into the porn industry, just when people thought she wouldn’t do it again, Farrah did a live cam show for Cam Soda just a few months ago.

Apart from that Farrah has suffered a lot more in the show.


Since Farrah’s husband passed away in a tragic car accident, Farrah has struggled in taking care of her daughter, Sophia. Farrah has made many bad choices that have affected her and her daughter greatly.

Farrah intends to sue MTV/VIACOM.


Farrah’s adult film career has also created many problems for her as a celebrity. Many have taken turns to exploit Farrah’s mistakes in her career. Apparently, MTV has played a major role in doing so, see what Farrah said when she went live on Instagram, read on Next Page…

Farrah slams Morgan J Freeman openly on her Instagram account!


Farrah further explains, “I would be embarrassed for how you, Jordan & Morgan act, lie & treat families.There’s a fine line between ethics, job duties & my life which you were never apart of. Do your work as a producer, and stop trying to take my energy with your pathetic, negative behavior, to you, Morgan & everyone in post Justice will be served have a great life away from mine because none of you lead ethical, moral, safe environments & are the example of horrible producing for docuseries.”

Farrah says, “My social justice is a success for the MTV Teen Mom project.”


Farrah said, “Legit fail of tracking my real-life storyline, this isn’t a daily interview & fake interest as you portray again, I might as well be on a scripted soap opera as the stupid energy and contrived scenes are a waste of time to my real life and real challenges. I see how others can hate or be jealous but no one has overcome the hurdles I have, no one strives to have the work ethic as I do, & no one truly takes responsibility for all their actions as I have.”

Farrah explains every news about her was fake!


Farrah tweeted, “@TeenMom @MTV Like this fake scene about me from people I fired as these “producers” slander & fake lies and scenes to be around a real celebrity & epic fail @MTV @viacom Not legal, discrimination! moved on from this show ..never fired enjoy MTV lies their jealous #FarrahWins” Farrah reveals some shocking secrets when she goes live, read on Next Page…

Farrah says “BYE”!


Farrah is a shocking tweet might have revealed that she is leaving the show, “Damn straight & the Lieing cunt needs to stay away from my mom & my daughter same goes for Morgan, Dia, Larry, Have fun ruining Amber, Catelynn& Maci BYE Trash Show”

When Farrah went live!


One Reddit user ‘prettypinkbunnies’ gives a summary of Farrah live session, she explains, “She was explaining that she wants to stand against the perpetuation of gender-stereotypes (specifically women being told to be/act a certain way). She said there has been a lot of media about the lawsuit today – good and bad – and she just wanted to explain that she does not want women to be taken advantage of so she is trying to stand up for not just herself, but all women.”

The Reddit user further added…


She explained what Farrah said, “She also said that she is trying to make waves in the sex/porn industry as well because the gender stereotypes are so rigid and the women in the industry are often treated poorly….she wants to help change that. It was only a 3-5 minute live session, so I wanted to post for those who don’t have insta or can’t see it on her page anymore!”

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