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Farrah Gives A Shocking Pregnancy Update!

Farrah has been the centre of attention of the Teen Mom show for many years now, she has been famous for mostly all the wrong reasons. Farrah just her other co-stars have struggled a lot in the show, she a has a daughter named Sophia. Farrah has always been regarded as the worst mother in the show for the way she treats her daughter Sophia. But now we have a shocking news where Farrah gives some interesting update on her pregnancy. Read the article to know more…

Farrah was single for a long time after losing her husband!


Farrah was a normal high school girl when she met Derek Underwood and started dating him. Soon the couple got married and had a daughter together, soon after the birth of their daughter Sophia, Derek suddenly passed away in a car crash on 28 Dec 2008.

Farrah soon started dating Simon, but they clearly weren’t the best couple…


A few months back Farrah Abraham and Simon Saran were a couple, clearly not the best couple. They thought they were going to make it until the end but things went bad since then.

Recently Farrah was speculated of being pregnant!


We know that Farrah Abraham has an innocent eight-year-old daughter Sophia, who is now into homeschooling thanks to Farrah’s bad decision. Will she be a good mom to the new kid?

Farrah gives a shocking pregnancy update to clear the rumours…


Fans are really curious to know if Farrah is really pregnant? Whose baby is it? These questions are really creating an exciting buzz for the teen mom Farrah. To clear all the doubts and rumours, Farrah finally decides to speak up, see her shocking pregnancy update on the Next Page…

Farrah has been taking care of her daughter alone and maybe she is preparing for another baby!


Farrah has been taking care of her daughter alone for a long time until she met Simon Saran. Even though Farrah suffered thousands of taunts, negative comments and bad reviews from her fans, co-stars and producers she never gave up. In a recent snapshot video, Farrah revealed something really shocking…

Farrah caused a massive stir, for the show…



Farrah then abruptly signs off the video saying, “Um, I’m going to have to tell you a little bit later because I… gotta go take care of it.” A fan commented, “If she’s talking about getting an abortion on Snapchat while using a kitty filter this is just gross.” Farrah finally reveals the shocking secret, read on the Next Page…

Farrah herself has just admitted that she just had a pregnancy scare.


In a bizarre Snapchat video with lots of filters, Farrah said “Oh my gosh! I’ve had a pregnancy scare! Girls, watch your expiration dates, and that is on your birth control!”

Farrah claims she will be “taking care of it”.


Farrah recently revealed that she had a new IUD implant that could last for 5 years, she said, “We’re going for the big guns cause Mommy cannot have a surprise pregnancy! Just word to your mother, especially on Teen Mom.” She then added, “I’m going in! I got my new little companion, my other companion for three years came out today, I’m so proud.”

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