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Family Feud! Kim Getting Jealous Of Kylie’s Wealth!

Kardashian sisters, who are well known in the Industry for the bonding they share, have something wrong going on between them. It was reported that the Kylie Jenner is the world’s 27th richest person. But, this sister of her is not actually happy with the news. Know who is she? Find out. 

Kylie, 27th richest person in the world!


It was reported that Kylie Jenner is the 27th richest woman in the world by Forbes Magazine after earning more than $900 million over the past three years.

She is just 20-years-old!


Kylie is just 20-years-old and has achieved so much. She has proven that age is no barrier to achieve something. The 20-year-old is the first woman in history to hit the $1 billion mark.

Here’s what Kim is going through!


Kim Kardashian, who has always taken a stand for her family members, is not actually happy with Kylie’s success. It was reported that the ‘Keeping up with Kardashian’ star has not actually happy with her sister’s success and is certainly getting jealous.

Here’s what the family insider said


Referring to the current relationship between both the sister, one of the family insiders, said, “Kim may have congratulated Kylie on social media for the cover, but inside she is fuming over this.”

Kylie has come a long way!


Kylie has come a long way with her cosmetic brand ‘KKW’. She advertised the brand through various mediums. She even appeared without makeup to discuss her daily makeup routine. But, it was not expected by Kim to get jealous of her own sister.

Kim cannot digest her success!


It was learned that Kim is unable to digest her success. “Kim cannot believe that Kylie did in three years what she has not done in her entire life so far. She even told her family that she created Kylie and that she would be nothing without her,” the insider added.

Travis wants to tie the knot


Travis Scott, who was staying away from Kylie, is suddenly planning to tie the knot with her after the recent reports on her wealth have emerged. Goldigger?

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