Every Single Game Of Thrones Episode Has Been Merged Into A Astonishing 83 Seconds Video


The saga of Game of Thrones has come to an end after 8 long years. GOT fans are still trying to deal with their heartbreaks that GOT has finally come to an end.

The HBO original series is considered to be the best series of the world. The struggle to wake up early in the morning just to watch the episodes and waiting for a year for the next season. We all have evolved with the series. It was worth the fights for the crown, the war and the people.

After the last episode of the final season was aired fans were left in tears feeling happy and miserable both at the same time.

A video is going viral on the internet shared by Twitter user Andre Kelly. The video is a mesmerizing mashup created by merging 1-second clip from each episode of the show.

The video was shared one day after the final episode of the season finale aired. See how the Game of Thrones fans expressed their emotions after watching mashup video:











This video is going to make you recall each second of Game of Thrones.

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