Elon Musk Trolled On Twitter For Mistaking Moon For Mars


The CEO of SpaceX, Elon Musk posted a photo of a planet on Sunday and the picture had a tagline “Occupy Mars”. Elon seems to have mistaken the Moon for Mars which invited a lot of laughter, jokes, and memes on the internet. People couldn’t help point out his mistake and laugh about it.

Elon’s tweet came right after US President Donald Trump’s tweet in which he claimed that the moon is part of mars. Some people are wondering if Elon’s tweet was just sarcastic reply to Trump’s tweet or is he is really mistaken.

Here’s what Trump tweeted:

After which Elon tweeted:

Some people thought that Elon’s tweet was just a reply to Donald Trump’s tweet which is sarcastic.

While others just pointed out Elon’s mistake, laughed at it or made memes out of it.














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