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Dwayne Bravo’s World Cup Anthem “Champion” Is Taking The Internet By Storm

Notwithstanding the aftereffect of the semi-last match, it was an incredible benefit for India and West Indies to share the excellent cricketing occasion. The brilliant West Indies group showed their admiration for their Indian partners in their post-match festivities.

The post match festivities saw Chris Gayle and Dwayne Bravo dance to a specific “Champion” melody in their changing area.

In the event that you’re as snared to their celebratory dance as whatever remains of the world seems to be, you should look at Dwayne Bravo’s official music video for the “Champion” melody.

Here, investigate yourself and you’ll know why the whole Internet is going insane over the tune:


TBH, we want West Indies to win the title and see them dance on CHAMPION

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