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Durjoy Datta and Avantika Had The Coolest Honeymoon Ever !!

One of the most loved young authors in India, Durjoy Datta recently tied the knot with his bae Avantika Mohan. I’ve already shared some photos of their dreamy wedding with you guys. So I thought why not make a compilation of their super cool honeymoon pics too?! Unlike most couples, who either head to Switzerland for a YRF-ish honeymoon or Maldives for some beach-y fun. But Durjoy and Avanti’s honeymoon was a far cry from the conventional ones. The duo went to Africa and climbed a mountain! Storyteller Durjoy shared the deets of their trip with this photo:


After a six day hectic wedding the last thing I had imagined we would be doing is to climb the fourth highest mountaineering summit (5895m) of the seven summits of the world. But stuck at the Dubai airport without the transit visa Avantika made a split second decision to book flights to Dar Es Salam, Tanzania where Indians can get a Visa on arrival. We had initially thought of chilling at lazy beach town Zanzibar but somehow found ourselves in Moshi town instead. We wanted to climb the Kilimanjaro. At least give it a shot. But soon we realized we could have made a mistake when we saw super fit people at the airport with their huge trekking bags/gear who had been preparing for the climb for months. We wanted to go back. But then decided to stay a day and decide. Not only were we weren’t fit enough to do this, we both have banged up knees. I had an ACL tear a few years back and my knee hasn’t been the same since. And Avantika had a knee surgery 8 months back and still has crippling pain. We still signed up with an enthusiastic tour operator Nyange. We were bunched up with eight 23 yr old guys from New Zealand and Netherlands who were as fit as they get (Marathon runners, climbers, et al) and a Chinese girl who had summited thrice before. It only reminded us how unfit we were! For the next 6 days we didn’t shower and used the mountain as our toilet. We hated it for the most part. Our knees gave up. Every step was sheer torture after the fourth day. It was cold, the climb steep. At the top we were wearing at least 7 layers of thermals. It rained almost every day. Every day we thought of turning back. Avantika was on a steady dose of painkillers for her knee. I found it incredibly hard to pull 80kgs of body weight on the uphill slopes. As much as we hated and loathed our decision, we loved it more. It was one of the most intense things we have been a part of. Just the sunrise and the stars and the quitetude of the night made it all worth it. Every day we told ourselves we will never do something like this again but now that we are back with bones that feel like jelly, muscles still crying out of pain, and peeling skin we cant wait to climb another one. #honeymoon

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Also, the honeymoon images looks super cool and pretty!! Check them out …




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