Did Just Jersey Shore Mom Announce That She Is Against Vaccine?


Jenni and Roger’s ongoing drama!


Jenni had already filed for divorce from Roger! Well, things got dirty as the time passed! Roger called her out as a liar! Mathew told in the video that,  “I am extremely saddened. Saddened, as I lay here next to both of our children that we could not have found a better way to handle our differences. You and your post have made me a monster.”

The Custody battle!


Greyson and Meilani both are close to the parents. Well, if we consider Greyson he is going through development problems called Autism. Jenni is contacting the best doctors in the world to strangle out the boy from Autism! In between this, custody battle has begun!

Mathew requesting custody of kids!


According to the reports,  “he filed the documents on Jan. 24. Additionally, he is requesting that a custody schedule“in the children’s best interest” be determined by the court.” He is also reporting both alimony and child support from Jenni!

A bad impact on kids!


Kids are too small to understand the custody and all. They are already dealing with the divorce and now the custody. It can impact their healthy mind. Amid of all this we just found that Jenni might be anti-vax likewise Kailyn Lowry!

Let’s find out!


Jenni uploaded a story on her Instagram story. She thanked Jenny McCarthy. If you know Jenny, she is the prominent  anti-vax, “vaccines cause autism” leaders! As she follows her, she  might be a part of anti-vax slogans!

How did the fans respond to this?


One of the Reddit users commented, “I had a feeling but I ignored it 🙁 I’ll still support her in her journey against roger, but I cant support this.” But someone of them painted a real picture out of it!

Jenni do believe in vaccines!



According to the medical reports, vaccines do not cause Autism. But in late 1900’s it was believed it caused Autism! One of the Reddit users wrote, “I’m hoping this has nothing to do with vaccines and more to do with the video that her son was watching (it was a speech video for kids with Jenny McCarthy)”. Yes, that can be the case!

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