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Denise Richards Reveals The Real Reason She Entered Into Reality Show Business


First of all.


She posted a Botched Barbie on Instagram and wrote that she will be casting on Season 10: Real House Wives Of  Beverly Hills. Well, it’s her second season. An insider says to the sources that “She was guaranteed to appear on the show for four seasons,” an insider stated at the time. “Denise is going to bring some serious drama to Beverly Hills.”

Let’s come to the point


The actress has been around Hollywood for some time and later she came up with the E! Reality-TV show: It’s Complicated. But the journey not had been easy for her. Following in the article, she reveals her real reason why did she join the lucrative Reality TV show business.

What does she say about her time with Charlie Sheen?


We know that Charlie and Denise had a tumultuous relationship and how Charlie ranted her on Twitter. “Back during the show I did at E!, I had to do that. I had too many legal bills with my ex-husband. He said he wanted to bleed me dry, and he did. Those legal fees add up quite fast.” And that led her to enter into reality show business.

Denise: It was difficult to get a job as Charlie perceived a negative image about me


Well, she needed to pay bills. But right after their divorce, it was a difficult time for her. In a podcast, she said, “It was difficult for me to get a job back then because I was perceived as doing something very [negative] with Charlie, so that was very hard — when you’re misunderstood and you want to keep your personal life private and when it’s out there.”

The Real reason she joined RHOBH


“I went through a lot and have been really private about a lot of things, and [I’m] just in a really good place right now… and thought it would be fun, so I thought why not?” she said in an interview with the sources. Well, she’s in a good place now.

Four Year-Four Million Dollars


Now, she’s financially stable. The 48 years old has signed a four-year deal and reportedly she will be getting whopping $4 Million till the year 2022. While we talk about Charlie Sheen, he’s blacklisted from Hollywood. We never know how life will turn out, right?

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